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    Will BYU quarterback Taysom Hill transfer to Virginia? Michigan? Utah? It's today's Ask Fiu topic.

    February 19, 2016

    Today’s Ask Fiu topic … Should BYU QB Taysom Hill transfer?

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    @PeteFiutak what
    do you think of (Taysom Hill) returning to BYU instead of going to UVA or UM or

    — Spenser Cammack (@Laceydentist) February
    16, 2016

    A: Okay, Kalani Sitake – have fun with this one.

    Any coach worth his salt loves having as much talent to work with as possible and as many options as he can get to choose from, but the new BYU head coach will have to not only figure out who his starting quarterback will be, but he’ll have to deal with the emotional side as well.

    Taysom Hill is the veteran leader who played at an All-America level over the last few years before getting knocked out with horrendous injuries, and now he’s getting a sixth-year back with the program. Meanwhile Tanner Mangum threw for 3,377 yards and 23 touchdowns while adding some magical moments.

    So what does Sitake do? Does he go with the heart-and-soul guy like Hill, who everyone wants to see succeed, or does he go with the sophomore who can grow into the role even more and be the main man for the next three years. Throw in the idea that Mangum might simply be better, and it’s a quarterback battle good enough to be on the front-burner over the next seven months.

    But here’s going to be the problem, and it’s one of the big issues if Hill thinks about transferring – Hill probably isn’t going to be 100% for a while after coming back from a foot injury.

    It’s a bit like the Braxton Miller issue for Ohio State last year. While he could’ve been a kingmaker transfer as a quarterback at a place like Oregon or Auburn, he 1) wanted to be a Buckeye, 2) realized his NFL future was at receiver and 3) didn’t quite have the arm back to its normal snuff to be the Braxton Miller he was at before getting hurt. It’s not just about Hill coming back – it’s about Hill coming back and being Hill.

    Can Hill be back to normal this spring? He’s not expected to be all back full, and that’s going to be killer considering every practice matters and every moment Mangum has to show what he can do will cement him that much more as the starter. Will Hill be able to show that he’s good enough to be worth going somewhere else? Would he leave if he’s not guaranteed a starting job?

    And that’s the issue when it comes to possibly transferring. Hill is going to turn 26 this summer, he’s married, and he’s a part of the BYU family and world. He’s not a pro prospect, so if he wants to just play football one more year, there are several places who’d love to have him. But that sort of goes against the whole idea of coming back.

    Even so, Virginia seems like a natural fit to play for his old coach – Bronco Mendenhall – but Matt Johns returns along with a few other options. It seems like Mendenhall likes Johns and he’s ready to roll with him.

    Michigan loses Jake Rudock, but Jim Harbaugh has about 193 different quarterbacks waiting in the wings – at least it seems like it – with Houston transfer John O’Korn leading a very, very talented stable. Hill would be just another option in the equation.

    Utah is an intriguing option after losing Travis Wilson and backup Kendal Thompson, but it’s … Utah. You can’t transfer to Utah if you’re a BYU folk hero. Besides, JUCO transfer and former Washington Husky Troy Williams looks like the No. 1 guy with Brandon Cox and Chase Hansen good enough to take over with a big off-season.

    BYU might really by Hill’s best option, even if he’s a part of a rotation or has to fight for the gig. He’s not going anywhere.

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