Will Grier’s Failed Drug Test And How Universities Can Prevent Similar Situations

    Will Grier's failed drug test presents an opportunity for universities to take a more consistent approach to providing student-athletes education on banned and illegal substances.

    October 12, 2015

    Student-athletes are faced with a lot of temptations, but the greatest temptation is the ability to always improve upon those two words: student and athlete.

    Steroids are always mentioned first with PEDs, but rarely will you hear of student-athletes with steroids. Instead, adderall, pseudoephedrine, clenbuterol. Even four servings of caffeine rather than three in competition. These are the more likely culprits in this decade.

    None of this exonerates Will Grier from risking the Florida undefeated season for an over-the-counter performance enhancing drug. But I often found myself as a swimmer more aware of banned substances due to my drug testing schedule through USA Swimming than other student-athletes did who were not subjected to similar sport standards.

    Hopefully all schools see this failed drug test and push education on banned substances on a more consistent basis to their student athletes. Until they do, the next Will Grier will find another drug from CVS or Walgreens or the Vitamin Shoppe to make them a better student or athlete, and not know that Campus Insiders or ESPN could be reporting on them the next week for risking their team’s season.

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