Will Grier Transfers To West Virginia: What It Means For Both Parties

    Former Florida quarterback Will Grier is transferring to West Virginia. What does it mean for both the quarterback and the Mountaineer program?

    April 6, 2016

    Former Florida quarterback Will Grier transferring to West Virginia. What does it mean for the quarterback and the Mountaineer program?

    West Virginia, you’ve got your guy for some point in the 2017 season.

    To little surprise, after visiting the school and following hints that were dropped throughout the process, former Florida starting quarterback Will Grier will become a Mountaineer.

    At least he’ll be one eventually.

    It’s an interesting move for Grier, who is certainly the right fit for Dana Holgorsen’s high-powered attack. Only 6-foot-2 and around 210 pounds, he’s just a little smaller than Geno Smith – who put up enormous numbers once he got the system down – and a bit bigger than current starter Skyler Howard.

    There were several other options on the table for Grier – Ohio State being among those reportedly interested – but he would’ve had to fight for a job there. At West Virginia, he’s expected to be the main man whenever eligible.

    And there’s the key.

    West Virginia will likely argue with the NCAA-imposed suspension regarding Grier’s use of performance enhancing drugs, and will try to get him eligible earlier. However, at the moment he’ll have to sit out a year as a transfer, and then he’ll have to sit until October of 2017 unless the penalty can get reduced.

    No matter what, now Grier gets plenty of time to learn the system, sharpen up, and be ready to hit the ground running – this is, as long as Holgorsen is still around, which isn’t a given.

    This year poses a tough schedule for the Mountaineers, having to play Missouri and BYU in the non-conference slate while also facing a difficult Big 12 slate. A record of 7-5 or worse puts Holgorsen on the hot seat, and while West Virginia would certainly go after a pass-happy head coach if there’s a change, there’s no guarantee. Grier is taking a bit of a chance, but it’s a good one.

    Howard is a senior, so the 2017 starting job should be open for Grier to step in whenever he’s able to go. David Sills was an okay recruit, and Cody Saunders was a nice three-star get in this year’s class, but there isn’t any sure-thing superstar to keep Grier from taking over the gig.

    On the down side, Grier’s arrival might push some of the young quarterbacks to start thinking transfer. However, now Holgorsen and the staff have a great recruiting tool for wide receivers who might want to play with a guy with the tools and skills to make the offense shine.

    Grier can add a little mobility, but he’s an efficient and effective pro-style passer who should be very, very productive and very, very happy playing in the pass-happy Big 12.

    It’s a nice move all the way around for all sides. West Virginia has a proven quarterback to build the future around, Grier has a great offense to play in, and if the school can win the fight with the NCAA, it should all come together.

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