Will Grier Transfer Options: 5 Best Fits For QB

    Former Florida quarterback Will Grier is exploring all his potential transfer options. Now that he’s shopping around looking for a home, where’s the best place for him to go?

    March 4, 2016

    Former Florida quarterback Will Grier is exploring all his potential transfer options. Now that he’s shopping around looking for a home, where’s the best place for him to go?

    What’s the best fit for a guy who’s seemingly the only player ever to have been caught by the NCAA for allegedly using PEDs? It’s probably Florida, but former Gator quarterback Will Grier decided months ago to move on with his life, taking his talents and his improved physique to the free agent market.

    So where’s the best landing spot for a guy who had a really nice 6-0, six-game run? A run, mind you, where he completed 66% of his passes for 1,204 yards, had 10 touchdowns and only three picks, and one that was highlighted by wins over Tennessee and Ole Miss. 

    I wrote a quick take when this all first happened, but that was before the recruiting cycle had run its course and before Grier started going on his world tour of possible colleges.

    There’s one big problem with this – he’s not going to be eligible to play until the middle of the 2017 season.

    Had Grier stayed at Florida, he would’ve paid his penance and been eligible in time for the Missouri game – he would’ve missed SEC games against Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. However, there were some rumored off-the-field issues that went along with simply needing a new start.

    By going somewhere else, he not only has to sit out the entire 2016 season, but also has to miss the first six games of 2017, maintaining a year-and-a-half of eligibility afterward. The world will be a different place by then.

    West Virginia has been on the list of possibilities, and Grier would be great for the Dana Holgorsen offense, but the coaching situation in Morgantown isn’t rock-solid. 

    Ohio State has been reportedly in the equation, but he’s not exactly the right guy for an Urban Meyer offense. Grier can move, but he’s not a dangerous rushing threat. Besides, it’s Ohio State – the Buckeyes can do better than a relatively unproven quarterback seeking redemption.

    Grier will go where 1) he’ll have an honest shot at being the starter in two years, 2) the coaching situation is relatively stable and 3) he probably won’t be beaten out by a hot-shot true freshman?

    That’s why Ohio State is sort of out, and places like Florida State and Clemson don’t really work, either.

    I’m also taking the SEC out of the mix – how much would Alabama love to have Grier for this year? – because it frowns upon the switching of SEC dance partners, especially if there were problems associated with the change.

    So with all that in mind …

    The Best Insta-Fit: Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has batted .500 when it comes to high-profile quarterback transfers – not counting Kansas State’s Allan Evridge, who wasn’t that big a deal in 2007. Russell Wilson from NC State worked at an all-timer of a level. Danny O’Brien from Maryland, not so much. But in all ways, Grier works for the Badgers.

    They’re going to be in the Big Ten title chase when he’s there, the offense just needs him to be his accurate, pro-style self and hit the third down throws. More importantly, he doesn’t have to carry the team all by himself. Wisconsin has a few Wisconsin-like quarterback options waiting in the wings for 2017, but there’s no one likely better than Grier.

    The Most Interesting Fit: Michigan

    Oh why not. As you’re reading this, Jim Harbaugh has exactly one gazillion quarterbacks on the roster – why not throw another one onto the pile?

    Brandon Peters is a talent, and so is Alex Malzone, and there will be more where they came from since Harbaugh is recruiting everybody, but Grier has the style the offense is looking for. He isn’t Andrew Luck, and he’s certainly not Colin Kaepernick, but Harbaugh has proven he can work with talented quarterbacks, mediocre quarterbacks, and every other type in between. Like Wisconsin, Grier works in this offense that needs him to not throw picks – look at what happened when Iowa transfer Jake Rudock stopped giving it up – be accurate, and rely on the defense to control games.

    The Gamechanger Fit: Miami

    Mark Richt did more than okay with a short quarterback in Aaron Murray winging it around. Richt might be thinking bigger and better in terms of quarterback prospects than the 6-foot-1 Grier, but he doesn’t yet have a superstar for his 2017 class.

    Assuming Brad Kaaya is off to the NFL early, 2014 recruit Malik Rosier is an okay talent who could potentially take over next year for the first six games, and Evan Shirreffs and Vincent Testaverde aren’t the answer. Grier would be the main man for a program that should be preparing to hit its stride.

    However, if Kaaya returns, forget about it.

    Right Fit, Won’t Happen: Boston College

    How do you sell Will Grier on Boston College?

    Former Florida coach Steve Addazio already went the SEC route picking up former Kentucky quarterback Patrick Towles for this season, and it could be an easy move to take Grier to be the steady passer the perennially-challenged passing offense needs. Besides, a transfer from Florida to Boston College worked out well for Tyler Murphy.

    Granted, Grier isn’t the runner that Addazio likes for his attacks, but BC relies on tough defense and a good running game – sound familiar? It’s similar to what Grier worked with in Gainesville, and he’d be great for his season-and-a-half, but again, is Boston College really where he wants to go if Ohio State is seriously on the table?

    Which means if BC wouldn’t be right then it’ll be a really, really tough sell to think about …

    Create Legacy Fit: Kansas

    David Beaty is just starting to completely rebuild the program, and by the time Grier is ready to roll, it’ll be Year Three in the overhaul. Beaty knows passing games, helping to make Johnny Manziel into Johnny Football into Johnny Heisman at Texas A&M by coaching up the elite Aggie receivers, and he’s trying to do the same in Lawrence.

    So here’s the pitch. It’s the Big 12, which means Grier gets to do what every quarterback worth his salt dreams of doing, and that’s throw it all the time in wild and crazy shootouts. There’s no pressure whatsoever, since no one will be thinking about Kansas as a Big 12 champion in 2017, but if by some miraculous chance that Beaty is the new Art Briles and he turns Kansas into the new Baylor by 2018, Grier’s senior year could be a wild one.

    Beyond these programs, West Virginia would be a terrific landing spot, too. It’s the Big 12, it’s Holgorsen, and it’s an offense that turned Geno Smith into a superstar. It’s a good idea, but there are other options.

    It’s great to be an ex-Florida Gator.

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