Will Grier Transfer: Jim McElwain Discusses QB’s Decision To Leave

    Will Grier's transfer from Florida surprised Jim McElwain, and the head coach opened up about it on Monday.

    December 21, 2015

    Jim McElwain opened up on Will Grier’s decision to transfer from Florida.

    Raise your hand if you want to play quarterback for the Florida Gators.

    Okay, so it hasn’t come to that yet, but the Gators are in search of an answer under center.

    With 4-star quarterback Feleipe Franks and 3-star quarterback Kyle Trask coming into the fold, the Gators will have some more arms to compete for the starting job next season.

    It was believed to be a six-week gig until Will Grier came back from his year-long suspension.

    Instead, Grier has decided to transfer from Florida — much to the surprise of head coach Jim McElwain. The coach of the Gators talked about Grier’s decision to leave the program.

    “We anticipated him being here,” McElwain said. “Obviously the choice was made to go somewhere else.”

    Even though he’s losing the quarterback who helped lead the Gators to a 6-0 start this season, McElwain seems dedicated to making sure Grier ends up in the best situation possible.

    “He came in and asked for a release. We’re going to help him in every way we can. We obviously thought he was coming back, that’s what we had a couple weeks ago. But in this case, that’s a choice. The one thing I’ll never do is make someone do something they don’t want to do.”

    Even with the suspension for violating NCAA rules on taking banned substances, Grier was set to rejoin the Gators at practice on Jan. 5, but now he’ll be furthering his football career somewhere else.

    McElwain seems to think the former 4-star quarterback will find a new home, settle in and continue to succeed at a very high level.

    “In life, sometimes change of scenery is good,” McElwain said. “In this case, he’s going to go have a successful career and go on to play in the NFL. We’ll help him and support him in every way we can.”

    Florida fans may be angry. They may already have the pitchforks and torches leaned up against the door. But the cold hard truth is this is the best situation for both parties, who were desperate for new starts.

    Like McElwain said, Grier needed a change of scenery. Florida needed to put the offense in the hands of someone who can grow and become the face of football in “The Swamp.” It might not have gone down in the prettiest of fashions, but no one ever likes pulling off the band-aid.

    Franks will come in and impress. He’ll also come in and be shaky. It’s going to happen. Trask will compete, and others will too.

    The divorce between Grier and Florida was messy, but maybe they can “be friends” when it’s all said and done.

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