Week 5 Big Ten Predictions And Previews

    Northwestern (1-2) at Penn State (4-0) Sept. 27, 12:00, BTN Here’s The Deal: A rocky/disastrous start to the season starts over again for a Northwestern

    September 26, 2014

    Northwestern (1-2) at Penn State (4-0) Sept. 27, 12:00, BTN 

    Here’s The Deal: A rocky/disastrous start to the season starts over again for a Northwestern team with high expectations and low production with a 1-2 start with little offense and not enough defense at key times. Even so, there were chances to come up with wins against Cal and Northern Illinois, but 1-2 is 1-2 with the lone victory coming over Western Illinois. The expectations have been lowered, but with one win in Happy Valley, everything can change around. 

    The problem is the history – the Wildcats have lost six straight to the Nittany Lions and are 3-13 in the series since 1993. At the moment, the trend continues to go towards Penn State’s way in what’s turning into a charmed season with everything going the right way. 

    James Franklin doesn’t have a heater of a squad, but it’s good enough to get to 4-0 with clutch wins over UCF and Rutgers. There’s little running game – at least until last week’s win over UMass – and it’s been a fight, but the defense has been terrific, QB Christian Hackenberg is growing into a superstar, and with the bowl ban lifted, the program could be going into October just one win away from bowl eligibility with a victory over NU. 

    Why Northwestern Might Win: For all of the problems and all of the issues so far, the defense hasn’t been all that bad. It struggled out of the box against Cal, and it had a few breakdowns against NIU, but for the most part it’s been okay. The secondary will give up yards, but the front four is generating some decent pressure and should be able to get to Hackenberg and make him hurry a bit. The key is to throw Hackenberg off his rhythm and make him find his No. 2 and 3 receivers. He can do it, but Northwestern needs him to check down to his tight ends and dink and dunk rather than connect on the midrange darts that open everything else up. Don’t be fooled by the 228 yards against UMass last week – Penn State’s running game is mediocre. However …

    Why Penn State Might Win: The Nittany Lion defensive front isn’t giving up a thing. It allowed UCF to score twice, but it only gave up 24 yards on 29 carries. Rutgers ran for 102 yards, but Paul James was bottled up and the team averaged just 3.3 yards per carry. Overall this season, Penn State has allowed just 198 yards on 113 carries with three scores, and considering Northwestern’s running game is a rumor – the Western Illinois win doesn’t really count – it all falls on … 

    Who To Watch Out For: Trevor Siemian, who hasn’t been able to get the Wildcat passing game going like it needs to. To be fair, the offense has been depleted with the loss of Venric Mark and top receivers Tony Jones and Christian Jones, but Siemian has to be better. He hasn’t been accurate enough, he’s not connecting on enough third down plays, and he’s just not leading the Big Ten’s worst scoring offense to points. With just two touchdown passes and three picks on the year, if he’s not terrific, and if he doesn’t improve against Penn State, it’s going to be a long day. 

    What’s Going To Happen: Northwestern is overdue for a big game. The offense might not be clicking, and the defense has to force more big plays, but the Wildcats are better than they’ve looked, and Penn State isn’t anywhere near as strong as its 4-0 record. Even so, it’s Hackenberg vs. Siemian. So … 

    Prediction: Penn State 24 … Northwestern 20 
    Line: Penn State -10 o/u: 45 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 2.5  

    Iowa (3-1) at Purdue (2-2) Sept. 27, 12:00, BTN 

    Here’s The Deal: After a tough Week 3 for each team, last week was a big bounce back. Purdue might have only beaten Southern Illinois, but considering the home loss to Central Michigan on the resume, and the blasting in the second half against Notre Dame, it was a nice moment to slow down the tide that was going the wrong way. The offense is still inconsistent, and the defense is still a major concern, but with a home date with Iowa and a road game at Illinois, there’s a chance to step up and make a little noise with an upset or two. 

    Iowa’s schedule is nice and breezy, but the collapse to Iowa State made it seem like all of the dreams and possibilities were gone. And then, all of a sudden, the team came up with its best performance of the year in a solid 24-20 win over Pitt to give the Big Ten a solid non-conference road win. The running game was effective enough to get by, and the defense was a rock after a rocky start allowing just a field goal in the second half. There’s still a ton of room to grow, but with Indiana, Maryland and Northwestern up next, there’s a good chance to go on a big run as long as the team is sharper overall. The Hawkeyes can’t botch the Purdue game.

    Why Iowa Might Win: The run defense has been fantastic. It was a big concern going into the season after losing all the stars at linebacker, but the line has held on and carried the D, and the linebackers have figured out their roles quickly. Purdue’s running game is spotty, but there’s speed when the athletic backs get into the open. Against Iowa, though, it’s going to be a rough run against a defense that didn’t allow a touchdown run over the first three games – and gave up just 197 yards total. Pitt star James Conner ran for 155 yards and a score but that’s James Conner. Purdue doesn’t have one of those. 

    Why Purdue Might Win: It’s not like the Iowa offense is lighting anyone up. The running game isn’t working, the passing game is a bit too ineffective, and the team isn’t taking advantage of its chances. There’s no fear of the Iowa offense blowing up for 50 points, so if Purdue can take control of the tempo, come up with a few early scores, and make the Hawkeyes press a little bit, the game should be kept close. With a big special teams advantage, there’s a chance to steal a win with a big return or kick. 

    Who To Watch Out For: In a game with points at a premium, the kickers might be the difference. Iowa kicker Marshall Koehn has a massive leg, hitting a 52-yarder against Pitt last week, and he’s 3-of-3 from beyond 40 yards, but he missed two midrange field goals against Ball State and a 37-yarder against Northern Iowa. Meanwhile, Purdue’s Paul Griggs missed a 47-yarder against Central Michigan, and that’s it, with great range, he hit a 51 yarder against Central Michigan and is 3-of-4 from beyond 40 yards, and he’s 6-of-7 on the year. 

    What’s Going To Happen: It’s not going to be a thing of beauty, but Iowa will be effective with a good defensive performance and a decent offensive day from Jake Rudock and the short passing game. Purdue will turn it over three times trying to keep up. 

    Prediction: Iowa 31 … Purdue 17 
    Line: Iowa -8.5 o/u: 46 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 2 

    Tulane (1-3) at Rutgers (3-1) Sept. 27, 12:00, ESPNEWS 

    Here’s The Deal: It’s a good thing Rutgers showed it could win without Paul James, because the Scarlet Knights have lost their top back for the season. James suffered an ACL tear in the second quarter, but the rest of the team picked up the slack in a 31-24 won over Navy in Annapolis. Tulane, on the other hand, is struggling to reach the bar it set a year ago. The Green Wave is in danger of falling three games below .500, and its lone win over Southeastern Louisiana was unimpressive. 
    Why Tulane Might Win: As long as Gary Nova is the Rutgers quarterback, there’s a potential for takeaways and good field position. And the Green Wave has the right defensive personnel to jump routes and pick off Nova. Tulane has 10 takeaways, and back-seven ball-hawks Nico Marley, Sam Scofield, Lorenzo Doss and Darion Monroe can drive quarterbacks nuts. 
    Why Rutgers Might Win: It’s tough going on the road to a Big Ten stadium when your quarterback is struggling. Tanner Lee’s confidence is plummeting, exacerbated by poor protection from his line. The Scarlet Knights are third nationally in sacks, and they’ll be looking to keep Lee reeling. Rutgers linemen David Milewski, Darius Hamilton Kemoko Turay will pressure the pocket, allowing the linebackers to focus on stopping RB Lazedrick Thompson. 
    Who To Watch Out For: Rutgers fans got a glimpse of the future when Justin Goodwin and Desmon Peoples combined to rush for 186 yards and a touchdown in the Navy win. Goodwin, who led the way with 104 yards, was actually a starting corner in the opener with Washington State. 
    What’s Going To Happen: As long as Nova is kept on a short leash, Rutgers will thrive on its ground game and its attacking defense. Lee in the face of an improved Scarlet Knight is a recipe for more turnovers that prevent an upset in Piscataway. 
    Prediction: Rutgers 35 … Tulane 16 
    Line: Rutgers -11.5 o/u: 54 
    Must Watch Factor: (5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society) … 1.5 

    Wyoming (3-1) at Michigan State (3-1) Sept. 27, 12:00, ESPN2 

    Here’s The Deal: It’s hard to come in off a bigger high than Wyoming is, and it’s hard to come off a more dominant performance than Michigan State came up with. The Cowboys were dead late against Florida Atlantic, but a late fumble when the Owl offense could’ve taken a knee, and a miraculous big pass play from the Cowboy O, led to the wild 20-19 win. Head coach Craig Bohl has worked wonders in a big hurry with three tight wins to go along with the blowout loss to Oregon. Michigan State knows a little something about losing to the Ducks, but it rebounded in a big way with two weeks off to rest up and take the frustration out on Eastern Michigan in a 73-14 pasting. With Nebraska and the Big Ten schedule up next, this is the last tune-up for Sparty, and if this doesn’t go well for the Cowboys, at least they have a trip to Hawaii up next. 
    Why Wyoming Might Win: As great as the statistics are and as tough as the reputation might be, the Michigan State run defense can be pushed a little bit of someone stands up to the bully. The Wyoming combination of Shaun Wick and D.J. May is as effective as any rushing tandem in the Mountain West, and they need to establish themselves right away. They’re not going to rip off any big runs against the MSU D, but they need to keep the third downs manageable. 
    Why Michigan State Might Win: The Cowboys haven’t shown any scoring pop whatsoever. One of the lowest scoring teams in the country, it has yet to come up with more than 20 points, and it took a wild play just to get over 17 for the first time all year. Michigan State’s defense isn’t the one to get healthy against. Defensively, UW is allowing way too many first downs and don’t hold up when offenses need to move the chains. MSU has been excellent on third downs this year. 
    Who To Watch Out For: Can Colby Kirkegaard be enough of a gamer to keep the Cowboys alive/ He threw relatively well against Air Force and Oregon, pulling off the win over the Falcons, but last week showed just how strong a leader and playmaker he can be. Nothing was working against FAU, and he suffered a leg injury, but with everything on the line he found Dominic Rufran for an 88-yard pass to set up the game-winning field goal. The problem? Before that throw, he completed just 9-of-22 passes for 73 yards and didn’t run enough to make a difference. Against the MSU defense, he has to hold up under the pressure. 
    What’s Going To Happen: Michigan State will score on its first few drives and Wyoming won’t come up with an answer. It’ll be a business-like win for the Spartans. 
    Prediction: Michigan State 38 … Wyoming 6 
    Line: Michigan State -31 o/u: 48.5 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 2 

    South Florida (2-2) at Wisconsin (2-1) Sept. 27, 3:30 

    Here’s The Deal: Is Wisconsin starting to ramp things up and be the killer that might have a sneaky-shot at the Big Ten title and a spot in the playoff? It’s hard to judge too much from playing Western Illinois and ripping up Bowling Green, but the running game kicked it into gear, the defense has been strong, and the team is starting to look the part as it gets through the non-conference dates and into the Big Ten schedule next week against Northwestern. First, the Badgers need to get by a USF team that really, really needs a program-changing win over a big name to get the Willie Taggart era rolling. 

    The Bulls already lost to a Big Ten team, fighting Maryland in a 24-17 battle, and got obliterated by NC State, but last week, in sloppy conditions, they held on against UConn to start conference play with a key victory. East Carolina is up next, and then it’s on the road for four of the next five games, so while beating a team like Wisconsin might be asking for too much, a good showing might be a confidence-booster before dealing the meat of the American Athletic slate. 

    Why South Florida Might Win: Wisconsin has been a bit sluggish. Lost in the statistical obliteration of Bowling Green was a rough first half with the Badgers sputtering a bit and giving up a few big plays to keep it close. Eventually, the Falcons stopped tackling and the floodgates opened, but the Big Red machine took a while to ramp up. Turnovers were a huge problem early on, giving the ball up three times, and if the Badgers start out sloppy again, USF could really, really use the help because …

    Why Wisconsin Might Win: The South Florida offense isn’t very good at playing offense. The Bulls ripped through Western Carolina to start the season, and that’s been it, failing to hit the 300-yard mark in each of the last three games. The running game has been insignificant and the passing attack anemic – two early Badger touchdowns might put the game away. The USF run defense has been hit-or-miss, and the misses have been major getting blown up by NC State for 315 yards and five scores meaning it could be another showcase game for … 

    Who To Watch Out For: Melvin Gordon. The Badger star had a good first game against LSU before getting hurt, and after doing nothing against WIU, he exploded on Bowling Green for 253 yards and five touchdowns on just 13 carries. He looked quick, powerful, and elusive, but he’ll be the main focus of a decent USF linebacking corps. The Bull linebackers – Nigel Harris, Tashon Whitehurst and Auggie Sanchez – are young, but they can move. They’ll have their hands full. 

    What’s Going To Happen: USF’s defense will keep this a game for a half, but the anemic offense won’t be able to go on any long marches and won’t be able to come back after the Badger offense finally starts to click. 
    Prediction: Wisconsin 41 … South Florida 17
    Line: Wisconsin -34 o/u: 51 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 2 

    Maryland (3-1) at Indiana (2-1) Sept. 27, 1:30, BTN 

    Here’s The Deal: Who said the Big Ten is having a down year so far? Indiana pulled a shocker out of its Hoosier with a last gasp win over a Missouri team that might just be good enough to win the SEC East for the second year in a row. Making that even crazier and more out-of-the-blue was the stunning loss to Bowling Green just a week earlier – the same Bowling Green that got obliterated by Melvin Gordon and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Maryland managed to overcome its tight loss to West Virginia with a convincing 34-20 win over Syracuse, and now it’s on to life in the Big Ten with IU this week on the road before getting Ohio State and Iowa at home. This is just the third time the two schools have faced each other with Indiana winning the first two times in tight battles, taking the first meeting in 1934 17-14, and the second in 1935 13-7. So yes, it’s revenge time for the Terps. 

    Why Maryland Might Win: Get ready for a breakout game from the Maryland receivers. Deon Long and Stefon Diggs have been okay so far, but it was RB Brandon Ross and Marcus Leak who starred for the Terps last week against Syracuse – Diggs was more of a short-range target. The Indiana secondary has been lit up like a Christmas tree over the last two weeks by Bowling Green and Missouri, giving up 726 yards and five scores – and now it’s C.J. Brown’s turn at the fun. Brown has yet to hit the 300-yard mark, but he’s connecting on the big plays and has been good for two touchdowns in each of the first four games. Get ready for the explosion to come.

    Why Indiana Might Win: The Hoosier running game has been amazing, and while Bowling Green would give up 250 yards to you and your sister, Tevin Coleman and the attack have been effective against everyone so far with a 241-yard day as a team against Missouri with three touchdowns. Maryland bent and bent but didn’t break enough against Syracuse, and the defense came through with a huge pick six from William Likely just when it looked like the Orange were about to make it a ballgame, but 589 yards are 589 yards. The Terps will give up big plays in chunks on the ground, and that’s where Coleman comes in. Expect 100 yards without breathing hard. 

    Who To Watch Out For: Maryland defensive back William Likely has been a gamebreaker of a punt returner so far, averaging 27.5 yards per pop with a score, but he’s been excellent as a defender, too, with 27 tackles and three tackles for loss. Last week, though, he changed the game around with his 88-yard interception return for a score late in the third quarter to put the Terps up 31-13 and all but put the game away. Indiana will get its yards, and the offense will hit some home runs, but Likely has to be accounted for whenever he’s on the field. 

    What’s Going To Happen: Which Indiana team will show up? It’ll probably be the one that doesn’t come up with a big stop defensively, but the offense will make this a fight throughout. However, expect the balance of the Maryland offense to be enough to start out life in the Big Ten with a bang. 

    Prediction: Maryland 45 … Indiana 42 
    Line: Indiana -4.5 o/u: 69.5 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 3 

    Minnesota (3-1) at Michigan (2-2) Sept. 27, 3:30, ABC/ESPN2

    Here’s The Deal: To know the history of the Little Brown Jug is to know that Brady Hoke is probably launched at the postgame press conference if he doesn’t come out with a win over the Golden Gophers. The Wolverines have won the last six in the series – last losing in 2005 – 22 of the last 23 going back to a stunning 1986 upset for Michigan’s only regular season loss that year, and 39 of the last 42 going back to 1968. But the history doesn’t matter right now for a program that’s in desperation mode. 

    It’s not just that Michigan is 2-2 with losses to Notre Dame and a better-than-you-think Utah; it’s that there was no hope in those defeats. The offense was shutout by the Irish and generated just three points against the Utes – the lone touchdown came on an interception return. Ohio State might be trying to reload a bit, but it’s still looking like there’s hope for a big season, while Michigan State might be the class of the conference again, meaning Michigan isn’t the big dog right now in its own state, its own rivalries, and its own division. But Hoke’s main talking point is right – Michigan is 0-0 in Big Ten play, and the main goals are still there for the taking. 

    This is the first game of the rest of Michigan’s life. 

    Meanwhile, Minnesota is what it’s supposed to be. It’s 3-1 with wins over the layups at home and a loss at TCU, but it was an ugly loss. There’s hope for a really, really big year with Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois and Iowa up next, so if the Gophers can somehow get their running game rolling and get out of Michigan with a win, all of a sudden, they could turn into a hot team in the West going into a nasty late November. 

    Why Minnesota Might Win: You can’t win if you can’t score. Michigan has had no problems against the Appalachian States and Miami Universities of the world, but with four turnovers against Utah and a passing game that went nowhere, the attack just isn’t moving. Minnesota has been outstanding at limiting the mistakes with just around five penalties a game and winning the turnover margin in a huge way in the three wins going +7 combined in the three games. The one time the Gophers didn’t win the battle? TCU, giving it up five times. So far this year Michigan has been a complete and total disaster in turnover margin losing the battle in all four games and going -10 on the year. 

    Why Michigan Might Win: As mediocre as Michigan has been offensively, the defense has more than done its part allowing just 321 rushing yards on the year and stuffing absolutely everything since allowing a season-most 153 yards to Appalachian State. The linebackers are swarming, the line is camping out in the backfield, and the D is actually working. If you could combine the RichRod O and the Brady Hoke D, Michigan would have something. Since Minnesota can’t do anything but run the ball, it could be a long, long game for the offense that 121st in the nation in passing and is woefully inefficient. 

    Who To Watch Out For: Is this going to be the start of the Shane Morris era for Michigan, officially? Minnesota is preparing for Devin Gardner to be a part of the fun in some way – either as a receiver or a quarterback – but the offensive problems aren’t totally No. 98’s fault. The offensive line isn’t doing enough to protect him and teams have been able to make big plays behind the line on a regular basis. Either way, the coaching staff has to do something to kickstart things, and sooner or later it’ll be Morris who’s under center. It’s just a question of when he gets his full-time chance. 

    What’s Going To Happen: It’s going to be really, really ugly. Michigan’s offense will work just enough to get by, while the Minnesota ground game won’t go anywhere. 
    Prediction: Michigan 24 … Minnesota 16 
    Line: Michigan -12.5 o/u: 43 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 3 

    Cincinnati (2-0) at Ohio State (2-1) Sept. 27, 6:00, Big Ten Network 

    Here’s The Deal: Ohio State and Cincinnati, Urban Meyer’s alma mater, meet for the 16th time, with in-state bragging rights hanging in the balance. The Buckeyes are coming out of their first of two bye weeks, hoping to move further past their inexcusable Week 2 loss at home to Virginia Tech. This is their final non-conference test before Big Ten play begins with next Saturday’s trip to Maryland. The Bearcats have already topped two local teams, Toledo and Miami, but a trip to Columbus is quite a different challenge for Tommy Tuberville and his kids. Cincy is 0-10 all-time at the ‘Shoe. 
    Why Cincinnati Might Win: QB Gunner Kiel has weapons, and he’s already proving he knows how to use them. The Notre Dame transfer has thrown 10 touchdown passes in only two games, including three to Mekale McKay. The Bearcats also have capable backs in Hosey Williams and Tion Green. The Ohio State secondary has done well employing press coverage, but this is by far the best attack it’s faced so far in 2014. 
    Why Ohio State Might Win: Cincinnati didn’t look all that impressive in last week’s 31-24 win over Miami. And the run defense, spearheaded by two new starting tackles, is off to a shaky start. The Buckeyes’ solution will be to run right at the Bearcats, extending drives and keeping Kiel off the field. Ohio State backs Ezekiel Elliott and Curtis Samuel have been used sparingly so far, but their workload will shoot up in Week 5. Kiel will also be facing a grown up front seven for the first time, an outstanding unit headlined by DE Joey Bosa and DT Michael Bennett. 
    Who To Watch Out For: The Buckeye O-line is going to find out how far along it’s progressed since getting schooled by Virginia Tech in Blacksburg in Week 2. For redshirt freshman QB J.T. Barrett to keep evolving Ohio State must contain Cincinnati DE Silverberry Mouhon and linebackers Nick Temple and Jeff Luc, who’s coming off a monster game. 
    What’s Going To Happen: Cincinnati is going to land some early punches in the passing game, but Ohio State will administer the knockout punch on the ground. This is going to be a close game in the first half. But the Buckeyes will take control coming out of the locker room, riding Elliott and Samuel, and forcing Kiel into costly mistakes. 
    Prediction: Ohio State 41 … Cincinnati 28 
    Line: Ohio State -16 o/u: 64 
    Must Watch Factor: (5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society) … 3.5 

    Illinois (3-1) at Nebraska (4-0) Sept. 27, 9:00, BTN 

    Here’s The Deal: Considering the two schools are a not-that-long-in-college-football-world 500 miles apart, and the first meeting was in 1892, it seems crazy that they’ve only played 11 times. Before last year’s Husker pasting of the Illini, the two played in 1985 and 1986 – also ugly Nebraska blowouts – and before that they met in 1953. 

    It’s the start of the Big Ten season for both teams, and it’s a must win for Nebraska with a road trip to Michigan State up next and with away games at Wisconsin and Iowa still lurking. The McNeese State close call is still fresh, and blasting Fresno State wasn’t that big a deal, but fighting through the Miami was a plus and 4-0 is 4-0. This might not be a dominant Big Red Machine, but the running game has been fantastic and the offense is humming. Can the defense do just enough to get by an Illinois team that has a good enough passing game to have a puncher’s chance at pulling off the win? 

    The Illini might have failed miserably in their one real test – losing 44-19 to Washington – and it took a big fight to get by WKU and Texas State. But for a program in desperate need of something positive, the 19th-ranked passing game in college football and a 3-1 start for the second win in a row helps. However, last year, Nebraska was the beginning of the end with a 39-19 loss in Lincoln to start a run of six straight losses. The pressure is all on the Husker side of the field, though, and Illinois and Wes Lunt can just let it fly. 

    Why Illinois Might Win: Fresno State has a decent passing game, but not a great one, and it rolled up 241 yards and a score on the Husker secondary. Miami’s passing game hasn’t been a mess, but it’s nothing special. Against Nebraska, it might as well have been Steve Walsh to Michael Irvin with 359 yards and three touchdowns hitting on big play after big play. Illinois has to start bombing and keep throwing with Lunt having to get red hot. The Oklahoma State transfer is hitting 65% of his passes with 11 touchdown passes and just three picks. 
    Why Nebraska Might Win: Illinois is way too sloppy. It has yet to be on the positive side of the turnover margin giving it away three times against Washington and at -3 on the year. Penalties were also a killer against the Huskies, committing 11 for 110 yards, and while the sins slowed down against Texas State – getting flagged just four times – this still isn’t the tightest team around. Against Nebraska, it’ll have to be perfect, and it won’t be. The Illinois run defense hasn’t been bad, and it should be able to load up a bit on Ameer Abdullah, but the secondary has been a disaster. That means the spotlight will be on … 

    Who To Watch Out For: Tommy Armstrong could have a huge day. He didn’t have to throw too much against Miami with the running game rocking, but he had an effective game completing 9-of-13 passes for 113 yards with two scores and a pick. His accuracy hasn’t been there – the Miami game was by far his best so far after hovering around the 55% mark in the first three games – but he’s a good runner with 96 yards last week against the Canes and 354 on the year. Last year he came in and completed 8-of-13 passes for 135 yards and two scores in the win over the Illini, and this week, if all goes well, he should crank out yards in chunks. 

    What’s Going To Happen: Both teams will put up big numbers and come up with big plays. Nebraska will stay comfortably ahead all game long, but Illinois and Lunt will have their moments to get the Big Red crowd grouchy. The Husker offense will be too good in the second half. 

    Prediction: Nebraska 40 … Illinois 27 
    Line: Nebraska -21.5 o/u: 65.5 
    Must Watch Factor: 5: Roosevelts: An Intimate History – 1: Red Band Society … 2.5 


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