Week 4 College Football Rankings, No. 1-128: Where Is Utah?

    The Week 4 college football rankings after Utah's blowout win over Oregon shakes everything up.

    September 27, 2015

    The Week 4 college football rankings after Utah’s blowout win over Oregon shakes everything up.

    Top 25 College Football Rankings

    1. Ole Miss (4-0)

    Let’s just blow off the sluggish performance against Vanderbilt and assume it’s a hangover effect from the Alabama win. The Crimson Tide really are that good, and that win on the road still means the Rebels deserve the top spot. It would be nice, though, if the Commodore game was merely an aberration.

    2. Ohio State (4-0)

    This is a complete and total gift, and it goes against everything these rankings try to be about. The defense is still phenomenal, and the running game rocks when it has to, but the Buckeyes have yet to look all that great. The Virginia Tech win is meaningless now, and there just isn’t a really strong performance yet. Based on what has actually happened on the field, you could put Utah or even Northwestern higher than the Buckeyes right now.

    3. Alabama (3-1)

    Here’s the deal, Alabama. Beat Georgia, and you’re No. 2 behind Ole Miss. To do that, the passing game has to be crisper.

    4. Utah (4-0) 

    Absolutely no argument whatsoever if you believe the Utes deserve to be No. 2, or even in the top spot. Blowing out Oregon in Autzen is the second-best win this year behind the Ole Miss win at Alabama, and beating Michigan is starting to look stronger and stronger.

    5. LSU (3-0)

    This is going to be the interesting SEC team to watch out for as the year goes on. Syracuse did a little bit too much against the Tiger D, but once the passing game finds a groove, this could grow into the West’s most dangerous team.

    6. Georgia (4-0)

    Okay, Georgia. It’s been fun so far, and Greyson Lambert looks fantastic, but now is the chance to show who you really are. Beat Alabama, and you’re in the top three, at worst.

    7. Oklahoma (3-0) 

    The Tennessee win isn’t going to carry as much juice at this point. The West Virginia game this week could be the better indicator of how good the Sooners are. By the way, the 41-3 whacking of Akron might be better than it appears.

    8. Michigan State (4-0) 

    Enough is enough – Michigan State isn’t playing all that well. The close call win over Oregon doesn’t carry the weight it did a few weeks ago, and it’s becoming way, way, way too much of a fight to get by mediocre teams.

    9. Notre Dame (4-0)

    The team isn’t boring. It’s not consistent, but the firepower is fantastic and the defense is still excellent when it wants to be. You never quite know what you’re going to get, though.

    10. UCLA (4-0)

    Don’t be fooled – Arizona just isn’t all that great. The Bruins aren’t going to be able to overcome the defensive losses as the year goes on. The Myles Jack injury will be a killer – the O isn’t going to be able to pick up the slack every week.

    11. Baylor (3-0)

    Okay, fine. Blowing up Rice isn’t any big deal, and the Bears still haven’t played anyone with a pulse, but the offense is sharpening up and starting to look exactly like it’s supposed to. Finally, there’s a real game this week, playing Texas Tech in Arlington. It’ll be fun.

    12. Texas A&M (4-0)

    The Aggies took the best punch from Arkansas and still came through. This might not be the most dangerous SEC team going right now, but it’s growing into – maybe – Kevin Sumlin’s most solid.

    13. West Virginia (3-0) 

    Now it’s time to pay attention. No one’s playing better over the first month of the season, and while blowing up Maryland isn’t interesting, playing Oklahoma next week will be.

    14. TCU (4-0)

    Can the offense bomb its way to wins each and every week? The injury-riddled defense is going to get ripped apart weekly, but Trevone Boykin and the attack might be just that good.

    15. Michigan (3-1)

    Yeah, BYU might be tired, but that was still an emphatic and tough win. The Wolverines are starting to come into shape and they’re starting to look the part of the team no one will want to face. The Utah loss looks a whole bunch stronger now.

    16. Florida State (3-0)

    Soon, Florida State will actually have to prove it can play. The Boston College win on the road was nice, but after disposing of Wake Forest next week, the Miami game might start to matter.

    17. Wisconsin (3-1) 

    The schedule has been so miserable after the Alabama loss that it’s impossible to know if there’s anything to the 114-3 run over the last three games. The Iowa showdown in the Big Ten opener will be the real indicator.

    18. Clemson (3-0)

    Is Clemson any good? It got through the rebuilding process of the first few weeks without too much of a problem, but up next is the Notre Dame game that’ll make-or-break the national reputation – for now.

    19. Northwestern (4-0) 

    There’s no excuse for Northwestern to not be ranked higher than Ohio State – and a slew of others – based on resume. The problem? It was too much of a fight to get by Ball State. This is a good team with a great win over Stanford. Playing Minnesota and Michigan over the next two weeks will be interesting.

    20. Stanford (3-1)

    Can we now say the Northwestern game was a strange Week One aberration? The offense is starting to hum like it’s supposed to, and the USC win now looks even more phenomenal.

    21. USC (3-1)

    This is one of the ten best teams in college football, but for now, it can’t be ranked ahead of Stanford, which means it can’t be ranked ahead of Northwestern. (Hellooooo, AP and Coaches pollsters – Stanford BEAT USC.) Also, don’t dismiss the idea that Arizona State might not be very good.

    22. Mississippi State (3-1) 

    Auburn might be reeling, but the Bulldogs still managed to get the job done against a desperate team. The win over Southern Miss to start the season is going to look better and better as the year goes on. Beat Texas A&M, and all of a sudden MSU becomes a true player.

    23. Iowa (4-0)

    Iowa has looked terrific so far, but Pitt and Iowa State are the only two decent games. Those are Power 5 wins, but still, the team is a bit of a mystery. After playing Wisconsin, we’ll know if the Hawkeyes are for real.

    24. Oregon (2-2)

    Oregon has faced two real teams and lost against both, flunking badly against Utah. The defense has yet to show up this year, and while the offense is fine, it’s a shadow of its former self. At least it was against the Utes.

    25. California (4-0)

    The Bears just keep on winning. This is supposed to be the nasty stretch with four road games in five, and they came up with victories in the first two. Now they get Washington State before the real tests come at Utah and then at UCLA.

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    No. 26-128 College Football Rankings

    26. Texas Tech (3-1)

    27. Florida (4-0)

    28. Tennessee (2-2)

    29. NC State (4-0)

    30. Kentucky (3-1)

    31. Toledo (3-0)

    32. Arkansas (1-3)

    33. BYU (2-2)

    34. Oklahoma State (4-0)

    35. Missouri (3-1)

    36. Arizona (3-1)

    37. Kansas State (3-0)

    38. Boise State (3-1)

    39. Arizona State (2-2)

    40. Houston (3-0)

    41. Miami (3-0)

    42. Duke (3-1)

    43. Georgia Tech (2-2)

    44. Auburn (2-2)

    45. Nebraska (2-2)

    46. Louisville (1-3)

    47. Temple (3-0)

    48. Boston College (3-1)

    49. South Carolina (2-2)

    50. North Carolina (3-1)

    51. Indiana (4-0)

    52. Memphis (4-0)

    53. Navy (3-0)

    54. Texas (1-3)

    55. Minnesota (3-1)

    56. Northern Illinois (2-2)

    57. Ohio (3-1)

    58. Pitt (2-1)

    59. Bowling Green (2-2)

    60. Virginia (1-3)

    61. Penn State (3-1)

    62. East Carolina (2-2)

    63. Air Force (2-1)

    64. Virginia Tech (2-2)

    65. Maryland (2-2)

    66. Cincinnati (2-2)

    67. WKU (3-1)

    68. Illinois (3-1)

    69. Iowa State (1-2)

    70. Washington (2-2)

    71. Syracuse (3-1)

    72. Colorado State (2-2)

    73. Louisiana Tech (2-2)

    74. Oregon State (2-2)

    75. Nevada (2-2)

    76. Southern Miss (2-2)

    77. Middle Tennessee (2-2)

    78. Marshall (3-1)

    79. Purdue (1-3)

    80. Tulsa (2-1)

    81. Georgia Southern (3-1)

    82. Washington State (2-1)

    83. Hawaii (2-2)

    84. Colorado (3-1)

    85. Western Michigan (1-3)

    86. Utah State (1-2)

    87. Vanderbilt (1-3)

    88. FIU (2-2)

    89. Rutgers (2-2)

    90. Wake Forest (2-2)

    91. SMU (1-3)

    92. Akron (2-2)

    93. Kent State (1-3)

    94. UTEP (2-2)

    95. Rice (2-2)

    96. South Florida (1-2)

    97. Appalachian State (2-1)

    98. Arkansas State (1-3)

    99. Louisiana-Lafayette (1-2)

    100. Central Michigan (1-3)

    101. South Alabama (2-2)

    102. San Diego State (1-3)

    103. Buffalo (2-2)

    104. Old Dominion (2-2)

    105. San Jose State (2-2)

    106. Ball State (2-2)

    107. Fresno State (1-3)

    108. Connecticut (2-2)

    109. Massachusetts (0-3)

    110. UCF (0-4)

    111. New Mexico (2-2)

    112. UTSA (0-4)

    113. North Texas (0-3)

    114. Texas State (1-3)

    115. Tulane (1-2)

    116. Kansas (0-3)

    117. UNLV (1-3)

    118. ULM (1-2)

    119. Army West Point (1-3)

    120. Troy (1-2)

    121. Florida Atlantic (1-3)

    122. Eastern Michigan (1-2)

    123. Charlotte (2-2)

    124. Miami University (1-3)

    125. Wyoming (0-4)

    126. Georgia State (1-2)

    127. Idaho (1-3)

    128. New Mexico State (0-3)


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