Tuesday Question: The Playoff Four Right Now Would Be … ?

    Who would the top four teams be in the College Football Playoff right now? We take a look at the national landscape after four weeks of play.

    September 29, 2015

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    Q: If you’re on the CFP committee right now, and 2014 doesn’t exist, and you can’t project – based on what has happened, your Top Four right now for a playoff should be?

    A: 1. Utah – No one has a better win than the Utes, which set Oregon back to the pre-Chip Kelly days with Saturday obliteration in Eugene. Oh, and that defeat of Michigan on opening night looks better with each passing week.

    2. Ole Miss – The Rebs are the next best thing to Utah for snapping Alabama’s 17-game home winning streak. Can’t ding Ole Miss too hard for looking sluggish a week later against lowly Vanderbilt.

    3. LSU – The Tigers have something no one else does—a couple of wins over divisional rivals that were ranked at kickoff. Oh, and they’ve also got the premier unpaid football player on planet Earth.

    4. UCLA – Bruins deserve a ton of credit for cold-cocking Arizona—in Tucson—just days after losing Myles Jack for the season. UCLA also ended BYU’s late-game magic, meaning it has jettisoned teams from the Top 25 in back-to-back weeks

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    Who’s Your Four for the College Football Playoff RIGHT now?

    What have you done for me lately? That’s the world we live in with college football. To that end, if we are going strictly on each team’s resumes at this moment and discarding history while taking a sledgehammer to the crystal ball, here’s the four teams that belong in the College Football Playoff. Calling this a fluid situation would be an understatement of epic proportions:

    4. Ohio State

    Everyone wants to talk about how ugly Ohio State has looked, but when you really dissect it, there’s only been one game that was that questionable (Northern Illinois). By and large the defense has been championship caliber, and credit still has to be given for a dominant showing at Virginia Tech to start the season.

    3. Northwestern

    What you say? Again, we have to go by what’s happened to date. Northwestern is undefeated with a very good quality win over Stanford, who beat a USC team that looked terrific Saturday night.

    2. Utah

    Prior to last week, Utah wouldn’t be in. But after shaking the living feathers off the Ducks in Eugene, in combination with a win over Michigan that continues to look better and better, there’s not many teams out there with a better body of work to date.

    1. Ole Miss

    Thus far the Rebels have been the most impressive of anyone wearing a helmet. Aside from last Saturday, the offense has been scoring in bunches, the defense steller at most times, and there’s not a better win from anyone in the country than the victory over Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

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