‘Thad Matta Is Dying’ Was Once A Negative Recruiting Pitch Used By A Coach

    "Thad Matta is dying" was once a negative recruiting pitch used by a rival coach. Matta told the story on Tuesday during a press conference.

    March 7, 2017

    Thad Matta tells of a time when a coach told a recruit he was dying as a negative recruiting pitch.

    How low do coaches go on the recruiting trail? Apparently low enough to float the story of a coach potentially dying when recruiting against rival and opposing programs.

    When addressing his health on Tuesday, Matta talked of a time when a recruit told him another coach said that he was dying.

    “Somebody told a recruit I was dying,” Matta said. “Swear to God … tough business I’m in here.

    “It was funny because the kid was gonna have a press conference, and the father called and said ‘we’re going to delay it.’ I said ‘I understand, why.’ He said ‘health issues.’ I said ‘what’s going on.’ He said ‘well it’s your health … he told us that you’re going to die.’

    ”I said ‘I’ve never missed a day of work. I’ve never missed a day of recruiting. I’ve never missed a game. I hope it doesn’t happen.'”

    That’s peak negative recruiting.

    On Monday, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports reported that Matta would return for the 2017-18 season despite rumors of health issues pushing him towards an early retirement.

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