SEC Football Recruiting Rankings: Several Teams Fighting For National Top 10

    SEC football recruiting rankings, top commits and primary targets with less than a month to go until National Signing Day. Several teams are fighting for a national top 10 finish.

    January 7, 2016

    A look at SEC football recruiting rankings, top commits and primary targets as the 2016 cycle enters the home stretch.

    We have less than a month to go as the clock counts down to National Signing Day on Feb. 3.

    The 2016 Under Armour All-America Game has come and gone, and now the 2016 U.S. Army All-American Bowl game will take place on Saturday.

    There are plenty of top-end recruits still waiting to make their decisions, several of which are still in play for numerous teams in the Southeastern Conference. 

    Sure, the SEC rakes in a lot of talented prospects every year, but let’s take a look at how each team stacks up with NSD quickly approaching. Below are 247Sports’ composite SEC football recruiting rankings, which utilize and industry-wide average. The SEC and national rankings from 247Sports, Rivals and Scout are included for each respective team as well.

    1. LSU Tigers

  1. Total Commits: 19
  2. 5-Star Commits: 1
  3. 4-Star Commits: 13
  4. 3-Star Commits: 5
  5. Top Commit: Saivion Smith, No. 2 Cornerback, No. 18 Overall
  6. Top Target: Rashan Gary, No. 1 Defensive Tackle, No. 1 Overall
  7. SEC Rankings — 247Sports, No. 1, Rivals: No. 1, Scout: No. 3
  8. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 1, Rivals: No. 1, Scout: No. 3
  9. Even with the talk of Les Miles possibly being out of a job after the season, recruits still flock to Baton Rouge, La. Of course, it helps that Miles was kept on by LSU, so maybe things would have been different had he not been retained. Can’t play the “what if” game for too long. The Tigers are hauling in recruits left and right.

    2. Alabama Crimson Tide

  10. Total Commits: 18
  11. 5-Star Commits: 1
  12. 4-Star Commits: 10
  13. 3-Star Commits: 7
  14. Top Commit: Jonah Williams, No. 3 Offensive Tackle, No. 20 Overall
  15. Top Target: Rashan Gary, No. 1 Defensive Tackle, No. 1 Overall
  16. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 4, Rivals: No. 4, Scout: No. 2
  17. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 8, Rivals: No. 9, Scout: No. 2
  18. We have ourselves another good ol’ fashioned Nick Saban-Les Miles SEC football recruiting showdown. Alabama is looking to reload a roster that is most likely going to lose Derrick Henry — along with some key members from the defense. Leave it to Saban to stock up on National Signing Day.

    3. Florida Gators

  19. Total Commits: 26
  20. 5-Star Commits: 0
  21. 4-Star Commits: 9
  22. 3-Star Commits: 17
  23. Top Commit: Chauncey Gardner, No. 8 Cornerback, No. 68 Overall
  24. Top Target: Lyndell Wilson, No. 1 Outside Linebacker, No. 13 Overall
  25. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 3, Rivals: No. 3, Scout: No. 1
  26. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 7, Rivals: No. 6, Scout: No. 1
  27. Jim McElwain is working his magic again. Last February, McElwain pulled a rabbit out of his hat and turned in a top 25 recruiting class. In fact, the rabbit might have gotten four stars, too. Long story short, Florida is finally starting to attract elite offensive recruits without suffering on the defensive side of the ball. The Gators got their quarterback with Feleipe Franks, and now they’re trying to find some of his future targets.

    4. Ole Miss Rebels

  28. Total Commits: 20
  29. 5-Star Commits: 2
  30. 4-Star Commits: 9
  31. 3-Star Commits: 9
  32. Top Commit: Gregory Little, No. 1 Offensive Tackle, No. 2 Overall
  33. Top Target: Rashan Gary, No. 1 Defensive Tackle, No. 1 Overall
  34. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 2, Rivals: No. 2, Scout: No. 4
  35. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 5, Rivals: No. 2, Scout: No. 6
  36. Hugh Freeze is quickly becoming one of the most tenacious recruiters in college football. Ole Miss already has Shea Patterson to throw the football, and it has Gregory Little to help keep Patterson’s jersey clean. Now the Rebels are looking to add to the defensive side of the ball with Robert Nkemdiche leaving for the NFL.

    5. Auburn Tigers

  37. Total Commits: 18
  38. 5-Star Commits: 1
  39. 4-Star Commits: 8
  40. 3-Star Commits: 9
  41. Top Commit: Marlon Davidson, No. 2 Strong-side Defensive End, No. 17 Overall
  42. Top Target: Rashan Gary, No. 1 Defensive Tackle, No. 1 Overall
  43. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 5, Rivals: No. 5, Scout: No. 5
  44. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 10, Rivals: No. 11, Scout: No. 10
  45. So, how did that Gus Malzahn-Will Muschamp experiment turn out? Yeah, let’s leave that one alone. The Tigers are still in great shape on the recruiting trail. Landing Marlon Davidson to go with Carl Lawson is huge. If they can make Byron Cowart content, Auburn might have a scary defense soon. Now the Tigers have to figure out a way to hold onto wide receiver Eli Stove so quarterback commit Woody Barrett has someone to throw to.

    6. Georgia Bulldogs

  46. Total Commits: 14
  47. 5-Star Commits: 1
  48. 4-Star Commits: 8
  49. 3-Star Commits: 5
  50. Top Commit: Jacob Eason, No. 1 Pro-Style Quarterback, No. 4 Overall
  51. Top Target: Isaac Nauta, No. 1 Tight End, No. 9 Overall
  52. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 6, Rivals: No. 7, Scout: No. 6
  53. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 14, Rivals: No. 20, Scout: No. 15
  54. Excuse me, SEC, but do you hear that sound? Yeah, that’s Georgia knocking on the door. Kirby Smart cannot be trusted to not steal your recruits. He’s managed to convince Jacob Eason to don red and black. Now he’s going after Mecole Hardman Jr. and Demetris Robertson. If the Bulldogs can land Isaac Nauta, the nation’s top tight end, then UGA could have an elite offense in a year or two.

    7. Texas A&M Aggies

  55. Total Commits: 18
  56. 5-Star Commits: 0
  57. 4-Star Commits: 6
  58. 3-Star Commits: 12
  59. Top Commit: Justin Madubuike, No. 4 Strong-side Defensive End, No. 43 Overall
  60. Top Target: Brandon Jones, No. 1 S, No. 15 Overall
  61. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 7, Rivals: No. 6, Scout: No. 10
  62. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 17, Rivals: No. 17, Scout: No. 31
  63. Someone should just hang up a flyer reading, “Quarterbacks welcome,” in the middle of College Station, Texas. With Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray both transferring from Texas A&M, the Aggies caught a stroke of luck that former Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight is transferring in. Now Kevin Sumlin needs to continue to mold the defense by selling guys like 5-star safety Brandon Jones on the idea of leading the revolution.

    8. Arkansas Razorbacks

  64. Total Commits: 17
  65. 5-Star Commits: 0
  66. 4-Star Commits: 6
  67. 3-Star Commits: 11
  68. Top Commit: McTelvin Agim, No. 5 Strong-side Defensive End, No. 50 Overall
  69. Top Target: Devin White, No. 5 Athlete, No. 94 Overall
  70. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 9, Rivals: No. 10, Scout: No. 8
  71. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 24, Rivals: No. 32, Scout: No. 26
  72. Arkansas fans’ worst fear inevitably came true: Alex Collins is leaving for the NFL. The Razorbacks were dreading this moment, but it’s finally here. Kudos to Bret Bielema, though, because he picked up a commitment from 4-star running back Devwah Whaley to take Collins’ place. If Arkansas can land some more playmakers to fill out the class, things will look good going forward.

    9. Tennessee Volunteers

  73. Total Commits: 16
  74. 5-Star Commits: 0
  75. 4-Star Commits: 6
  76. 3-Star Commits: 10
  77. Top Commit: Alexis Johnson, No. 2 Defensive Tackle, No. 21 Overall (JUCO)
  78. Top Target: Derrick Brown, No. 3 Defensive Tackle, No. 8 Overall
  79. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 10, Rivals: No. 9, Scout: No. 7
  80. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 27, Rivals: No. 26, Scout: No. 23
  81. Landing 4-star quarterback Jarrett Guarantano was a big-time move by Butch Jones. Guarantano showed off his arm strength at the Under Armour All-America Game, and Volunteers fans have to be excited about his potential. With 4-star running back Carlin Fils-aime coming in, too, Tennessee is looking to put a high-powered offense on the field in the near future.

    10. Kentucky Wildcats

  82. Total Commits: 22
  83. 5-Star Commits: 0
  84. 4-Star Commits: 2
  85. 3-Star Commits: 20
  86. Top Commit: Landon Young, No. 13 Offensive Tackle, No. 108 Overall
  87. Top Target: Kobe Smith, No. 45 Defensive Tackle, No. 603 Overall
  88. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 8, Rivals: No. 8, Scout: No. 9
  89. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 22, Rivals: No. 21, Scout: No. 27
  90. Kentucky is a basketball school, right? Whatever you do, don’t tell that to Mark Stoops. He’s rolled up his sleeves and done a great job at selling recruits on the idea of playing football for the Wildcats. Stoops has been focusing on keeping the offensive line beefed up, and it seems as though the hogs are going to be Kentucky’s bread and butter moving forward.

    11. South Carolina Gamecocks

  91. Total Commits: 18
  92. 5-Star Commits: 0
  93. 4-Star Commits: 4
  94. 3-Star Commits: 11
  95. Top Commit: Brandon McIlwain, No. 3 Dual-Threat Quarterback, No. 172 Overall
  96. Top Target: Brandon Jones, No. 1 S, No. 15 Overall
  97. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 12, Rivals: No. 12, Scout: No. 11
  98. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 37, Rivals: No. 49, Scout: No. 45
  99. When Steve Spurrier stepped down as head coach of the Gamecocks, South Carolina rolled the dice and “Coach Boom” is what came up. Will Muschamp had a hard time recruiting offensive players at Florida. Imagine the wall standing in front of him now that Clemson is playing for a national championship. South Carolina’s defense should get better under Muschamp, but then again there have been plenty of things that “should” have happened when Muschamp was in charge in the past.

    12. Mississippi State Bulldogs

  100. Total Commits: 15
  101. 5-Star Commits: 0
  102. 4-Star Commits: 2
  103. 3-Star Commits: 13
  104. Top Commit: Emmit Gooden, No. 14 Strong-side Defensive End, No. 309 Overall
  105. Top Target: Jeffery Simmons, No. 3 Strong-side Defensive End, No. 35 Overall
  106. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 11, Rivals: No. 11, Scout: No. 12
  107. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 36, Rivals: No. 48, Scout: No. 51
  108. Starkville, Miss. is the home of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and it may be one of the toughest places to recruit in the SEC — especially considering the show Hugh Freeze is putting on in Oxford, Miss. But Dan Mullen has to sell recruits on the success that Dak Prescott saw with the Bulldogs. If Mullen can pick up Emmit Gooden to help lead the defense, Mississippi State’s defense should be in decent shape.

    13. Vanderbilt Commodores

  109. Total Commits: 16
  110. 5-Star Commits: 0
  111. 4-Star Commits: 1
  112. 3-Star Commits: 14
  113. Top Commit: Joejuan Williams, No. 15 Cornerback, No. 207 Overall
  114. Top Target: Brendan Ferns, No. 3 Inside Linebacker, No. 109 Overall
  115. SEC Rankings — 247Sports: No. 13, Rivals: No. 13, Scout: No. 14
  116. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 50, Rivals: No. 57, Scout: No. 61
  117. Okay, Derek Mason, this is your chance. It’s time to reel in recruits for the Commodores. Of course, that’s what Vanderbilt said last year … and the year before that. Mason is a talented coach, but he’s recruiting at arguably the toughest place in the conference. Still, you have to feel the Commodores are a couple diamonds in the rough away from regaining some momentum. They almost beat Florida this past season, that’s something Mason can sell recruits on — being the final piece to the puzzle.

    14. Missouri Tigers

  118. Total Commits: 12
  119. 5-Star Commits: 0
  120. 4-Star Commits: 1
  121. 3-Star Commits: 11
  122. Top Commit: Natereace Strong, No. 2 Running Back, No. 15 Overall (JUCO)
  123. Top Target: Kobe Jones, No. 31 Defensive Tackle, No. 296 Overall
  124. SEC Rankings: 247Sports: No. 14, Rivals: No. 14, Scout: No. 13
  125. National Rankings — 247Sports, No. 57, Rivals: No. 64, Scout: No. 58
  126. The situation in Columbia, Mo. is definitely unique. Let’s not address the politics that preceded Gary Pinkel’s abrupt retirement. Pinkel did what was best for his health and his family, and now it’s Barry Odom’s chance to recruit for the Tigers, and he certainly has his work cut out for him. If Mizzou can land Natereace Strong, it will at least have a feature back moving forward into a new era.

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