SEC Football Vibes: Petitioning To Become A Yell Leader

    Take a look at what we’re vibing on in the SEC, including what head coaches do on their Saturdays during a bye week and starting a petition to become an honorary Yell Leader.

    October 16, 2016

    Take a look at what we’re vibing on in the SEC, including what head coaches do on their Saturdays during a bye week and starting a petition to become an honorary Yell Leader.

    I’m not a big fan of Halloween. There, I said it. Therefore, the next couple of weeks that are filled with haunted houses, costumes and pumpkin everything are not my favorite time of the year. The only thing that makes the latter part of October worthwhile is the chill in the air and leaving the windows cracked open just a little bit while sleeping.

    Lately, I’ve been vibing on my lifelong love, the Chicago Cubs, advancing in the playoffs (please don’t break my heart again), some Ruffles original potato chips to get me through the afternoon, and the heartbreaking love ballads of one Travis Tritt.

    Slamalamadingdong, it is that time again, so put on your favorite North Face fleece, warm up some hot chocolate for your special one (be sure to add a marshmallow or two), and pop The Exorcist into your VCR as we crisply take on our latest SEC Football Vibes.

    • Four teams have a bye week this Saturday, and I always wonder what coaches do when they don’t have a game to coach. Talking with Kentucky’s Mark Stoops, he said he will spend the day with his family and celebrating his son’s birthday. Here’s what I assume the other three coaches with the day off are doing:

    Gus Malzahn – A nice day at the spa with a facial and mani/pedi followed by a nap. Just joking. He’s definitely drawing up plays with Rhett Lashlee.
    Hugh Freeze – Watching the MLB Playoffs and wondering how he would have fared as an umpire.
    Will Muschamp – Tending to cuts and bruises from mishaps with the dry erase board.

    • I get why it is done, but I find the whole “mascot sending flowers to another mascot” thing a bit corny. Just say it is from the university, not from an animal. I mean, how would Tusk ever have a credit card to send flowers to Mike the Tiger? This is all very concerning.
    • I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but if I ever get the urge to go back and get yet another college degree, I would definitely attend Texas A&M  – mainly so I could become a Yell Leader. I’m adept at being loud (ask my coworkers); I am awesome with school spirit; and I already keep my hair buzzed, so I’m pretty much the perfect candidate. Can the Aggies make me an honorary Yell Leader for a game? Can we start a petition for this? Let’s make this happen.
    • Barry Odom never responded to my rambling last week about us possibly being best friends in the making. Sure, he is busy, but so am I (I’m totally not) and it would be nice if he at least responded. I can take rejection (I totally can’t) and am an adult (by age only), so Odie, get back to me with a yes or no. I won’t bother you again (yes, I will).
    • My colleague Jeff Bartl is a Michigan State alumnus, therefore he thinks the Big Ten is awesome to watch in football. The poor guy doesn’t know any better, and I’m afraid to take him down to a SEC game and show him what he’s been missing. It would effectively crush all of what he thought he knew about life, and cause him to question his very existence.
    • Greg Sankey is getting a lot of criticism for how he has handled the Florida-LSU quandary, but I’m not so sure the critics are right. Sure, I could be a little bias given that I really like Sankey, but if any other person were put in that position, they would have most likely handled it the same way. I got your back, big guy!

    I am going to end this week’s Vibes with an arbitrary ranking that only makes sense to me, so here you go:

    SEC Helmets From Least Favorite To Most Favorite

    14. Alabama – Just in case you can’t see their uniforms, you can tell which player is which by the number on their helmets. Whoop-dee-doo.

    13. Kentucky – Generic, and a step back from when they just had a “K” on there.

    12. Vanderbilt – Much like the football team, the helmets are not much to look at.

    11. Mississippi State – Not exactly inspiring, but not as drab as the ones above. Fits Starkville nicely.

    10. Missouri – The Tiger looks ferocious, and if they wore yellow helmets more they’d be higher.

    9. Tennessee – Hey it’s a “T” for Tennessee.

    8. Georgia – Is it just me, or has every high school in the nation that starts with a “G” copied the Georgia/Green Bay design?

    7. Texas A&M – Plain and simple. Bonus points for the Fighting Texas Aggie Band being able to form the formation.

    6. Arkansas – The hog is great.

    5. South Carolina – The gamecock being inside the “C” is absolutely tremendous.

    4. Florida – I’m a sucker for script writing.

    3. Ole Miss – I’m a sucker for script writing, part two. They top Florida only because of the baby blue helmets they break out every now and then.

    2. Auburn – That interlocking “AU” is a thing of beauty.

    1. LSU – Perfection.

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