SEC Football Vibes: Does Mark Stoops Deserve Another Contract Extension?

    Take a look at what we're vibing on in the SEC, including wondering if Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has done enough so far this season to deserve another contract extension.

    September 23, 2016

    Take a look at what we’re vibing on in the SEC, including wondering if Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has done enough so far this season to deserve another contract extension.

    Here’s a great thing about living in Chicago: every SEC school has its own alumni bar that they watch football games at. So when Auburn plays a night game, I have the option of going to another school’s bar and watching with its fans. I took advantage of this this past weekend, as I joined two co-workers at the Florida Gator bar. The Bud Light was flowing, “We Are The Boys From Old Florida” was sung, and then I went on my way to meet with the War Eagle faithful. It made for a great day.

    Lately I’ve been vibing on a new MacBook graciously provided by the powers-to-be here at Campus Insiders, 50% off all Uber rides for three straight weeks, and the knowledge that no matter how hard life seems at times, it couldn’t be as bad as those poor people who had to clean up Bristol Motor Speedway on Sunday.

    Hoochie mama, it is that time again, so put away your weekday clothes, fill the mini pool full of Jell-O, and start throwing back shots of Fireball (free plug for free booze, eh Fireball?) as we delve into the abyss in the latest edition of SEC Football Vibes.

    – Les Miles saying he would like to keep who will be the starting quarterback secret and then saying who will be the starting quarterback in the very next sentence is peak Les Miles. The offer to come live with me and form a comedy troupe still stands, Les.

    – My neighbor in our office, Erik Czupryn, is a great guy, but this week, we are enemies as my alma mater Auburn takes on his alma mater Texas A&M. I have declared our section of the office a “Whoop-Free” zone. He will also be buying me lunch at Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ joint, next week after the Tigers win.

    – Not many commissioners would agree to go through a training session with a college soccer team, but that is exactly what Greg Sankey did with the Mississippi State women’s club earlier this week. Your move, Jim Delany.

    – I don’t mean to pick on Kentucky, but the fact it gave Stoops a contract extension after he went 2-10 in his first season in 2013 is one something that still bewilders me. Of course, a win against New Mexico State this week and athletic director Mitch Barnhart might give him five more years, you know, because of the improvement. Stoops deserves it.

    – Tennessee earned a big win against Virginia Tech on Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway. Rumors that half of the stadium spent its time yelling “Jeff Gordon sucks!” cannot be confirmed as of now.

    – I’m not saying one catch is enough to make me sacrifice my firstborn child to someone, but that grab by Auburn wide receiver Kyle Davis has me at least thinking of filling out some of the forms.

    – Ole Miss is putting way too much emphasis on the fact it has beaten Alabama the last two seasons. You know what else happened? Alabama made the College Football Playoff and won a national title, while the Rebels received rings for making the Peach Bowl. Congrats, Hotty Toddies. Will a third win in a row over the Tide get a trophy?

    – Nick Saban blowing up at Lane Kiffin was my favorite part of the past weekend, and it is only because you know Kiffin was embarrassed realizing that it would get replayed numerous times. Who’s the man now, Lane? Hope no one sends you a GIF of it on repeat to your trolling Twitter account.

    – Our #FashionInsider here, Kurt Schwerman, has not given me his opinion on his favorite SEC uniforms yet, but I’m guessing that the young lad prefers the new trendy ones compared to the old traditional ones. He’s 15 years old. I’m not joking. Okay, I’m joking, but he still gets asked to see his ID. Stupid kids and their hip uniforms.

    – Frankly, I am a little worried about Steve Spurrier right now. He seems to be working a lot and not playing enough golf. Oh, and he hasn’t been spotted shirtless in weeks. “What’s wrong with the Head Game Coach,” asks Fox News.

    – Buying a boat is the equivalent of Will Muschamp thinking he has a good offensive plan heading into a game: it sounds great until the time comes when everything breaks down.

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