Projected Top 25 College Football Playoff Rankings

    Projected top 25 College Football Playoff rankings prior to the initial release from the CFP committee. Here's how the nation's best teams will shake out.

    November 1, 2016

    Projected top 25 College Football Playoff rankings prior to the initial release from the CFP committee.

    The first batch of College Football Playoff rankings will be revealed on Tuesday, and the entire top 25 should be very interesting. There will be little surprise at the top, but after the nation’s best four teams, there’s a lot of fat in the middle.

    How will one-loss Texas A&M stack up against one-loss Ohio State. The former lost against Alabama, while the latter dropped a stunner to Penn State. Ohio State has, in sum, looked more impressive this year, but A&M’s loss was the more impressive of the two.

    And how will teams like Auburn and Wisconsin shake out? Both have two losses, but they’re against really good teams. There’s also the likes of USC, who is streaking, the Big 12, which is without an undefeated team, and Florida, a one-loss division leader who looks incredibly flawed.

    One thing to remember when dealing with the College Football Playoff committee is that it finds no problem relying on the eye test. CFP commissioner Kirby Hocutt recently told Campus Insiders that if the committee feels that a single conference has two of the nation’s best teams, it will rank them appropriately.

    Looking ahead to Tuesday’s announcement, here’s a projection of how the committee will rank the top 25 teams in the nation.

    Projected College Football Playoff Top 25

    1. Alabama
    2. Michigan
    3. Washington
    4. Clemson
    5. Texas A&M
    6. Ohio State
    7. Louisville
    8. Wisconsin
    9. Auburn
    10. Florida
    11. Utah
    12. Oklahoma
    13. Nebraska
    14. Western Michigan
    15. Baylor
    16. West Virginia
    17. Boise State
    18. Florida State
    19. LSU
    20. Penn State
    21. Washington State
    22. USC
    23. North Carolina
    24. Virginia Tech
    25. Oklahoma State

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