Projected College Football Playoff Rankings Top Four: Who’ll Be The Fourth?

    Projected College Football Playoff Rankings for the top four. Is it possible for No. 5 Iowa to jump into the top four this week?

    November 17, 2015

    The projected College Football Playoff Rankings and making a case for which team should be the fourth in this week.

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    This might not be as cut-and-dry as it seems.

    No. 1 Clemson, No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Ohio State and No. 4 Notre Dame all won, so that’s out top four for Week 3, right?

    Alabama is looking like the best team in college football and could absolutely move up to No. 1, but the bigger question surrounds No. 12 Oklahoma and where it jumps up after dominating last-week No. 6 Baylor.

    With No. 6 Baylor, No. 7 Stanford, No. 9 LSU and No. 10 Utah losing, how is this going to shake out? Does anyone other than the obvious have a case for the top four?

    No. 5 Iowa

    In The Top Four: The win over No. 18 Northwestern is even more impressive now, and the win over No. 25 Wisconsin might look better and better considering the Badgers’ two losses were to the Hawkeyes and Alabama. It wasn’t like it was a scintillating performance in the win over Minnesota, but considering Ohio State doesn’t have a win over a current CFP top 25 team, Iowa has a terrific case to move into the penthouse.

    Out Of The Top Four: There’s that whole eye-test thing. The CFP committee loves Notre Dame, helped by wins over Navy, Temple, and USC. The committee won’t like the overall numbers, and it might not be that impressed with the strength-of-schedule – even though it’s been giving the Buckeyes a free pass.

    In Or Out?: Out. It doesn’t matter – win out, and at 13-0 it’s in. For now, though, the Hawkeyes will still be on the outside looking in.

    No. 8 Oklahoma State

    In The Top Four: It’s still 10-0, and it still has a win over a No. 15 TCU team by 20 that’s better than anything Iowa, Notre Dame, or Ohio State has done – at least according to the rankings. It might have been a bit of a fight to beat Iowa State, but that was a road game against a fired up team, and it doesn’t offset the blowout win over Texas Tech on the resume.

    Out Of The Top Four: It’s a far climb to get from eight to four, especially considering Notre Dame didn’t do anything to look worse. The 30-27 win over Texas wasn’t nearly as dominant as Notre Dame’s opening day win.

    In Or Out?: If it didn’t make it in last week after the blasting of TCU, it’s certainly not going to happen this week after struggling with Iowa State. The resume isn’t all that bad with toe offense humming and enough good wins to make a case, but maybe moving up a little bit will be enough for now.

    No. 11 Florida

    In The Top Four: It might not always be pretty, but the Gators have allowed 14 points or fewer in five of their last six games and six of their last eight. At the very least, they deserve credit for coming off a run of four games in the last five away from home.

    Out Of The Top Four: The LSU loss isn’t nearly as okay now. It took way too much of a fight to get past Vanderbilt, and scoring points on South Carolina was occasionally a struggle. Florida just doesn’t look the part.

    In Or Out?: Nope. The team just hasn’t been as impressive as it needs to be with the offense sputtering and coughing. A win over Alabama in the SEC championship game would be enough to get in, but the style points and eye-test just aren’t there.

    No. 12 Oklahoma

    In The Top Four: Is anyone outside of Alabama playing any better right now? The Sooners went into No. 6 Baylor and provided a beating, proving to be the third-best win in college football behind the Ole Miss win over Alabama and the Clemson win over Notre Dame. The win over Tennessee appears to be stronger and stronger, beating West Virginia is great, destroying Texas Tech is almost as good, and now, after last week, eight of OU’s nine wins have been blowouts.

    Out Of The Top Four: Texas 24, Oklahoma 17. It’s hard to argue Oklahoma over a Notre Dame team that crushed the Longhorns. The Irish win might have been Week One, but it still all counts. The Sooners could rocket up, but getting into the top four could be way too tough.

    In Or Out?: Not quite. The CFP committee didn’t give Oklahoma State a whole bunch of love last week after it beat TCU, and even though the win over Baylor was great, OU isn’t going to move higher than six. The Texas loss still matters


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