Projected AP College Basketball Rankings, Week 12

    Projected AP college basketball rankings for Week 12 of the 2015-16 season. Here’s how we predict the top 25 will look.

    January 25, 2016

    Projected AP college basketball rankings for Week 12. Here’s how we predict the top 25 will look.

    This college basketball season has seemingly defied all logic against even having an AP Top 25. No one wants to hold onto their ranking.

    We’ve had five teams take control of the No. 1 spot and then lose. It’s been quite the up an down ride so far. 

    After starting out the year as the preseason No. 1 team, the North Carolina Tar Heels are projected to take back the top ranking.

    Oklahoma’s loss to Iowa State on Monday was surprising, but the win over Baylor keeps the Sooners in the top two — especially with the majority of the top 10 losing.

    Clemson should have found its way into the top 25 last week, but didn’t quite make the cut. Despite playing just one game this week, which ended in a close loss to Virginia on the road, the Tigers should break into the rankings.

    Below are the projected AP college basketball rankings for Week 12.

    1. North Carolina (17-2), RPI: .6646

    Brice Johnson has played top-notch basketball, and because of it the Tar Heels have worked their way back up to the top. North Carolina has won 11 games in a row.

    2. Oklahoma (15-2), RPI: .6839

    Down goes Buddy Hield. Down goes Buddy Hield. Oklahoma’s loss to Iowa State will end its run atop the AP Top 25, but the win against Baylor will help the Sooners stay in the top two. Of course, they got some help with a majority of the top 10 teams losing this past week.

    3. Kansas (14-3), RPI: .6653

    Losing to Oklahoma State certainly wasn’t ideal, and normally, beating an unranked Texas Longhorns team wouldn’t mean too much. But with the way this past week went for the rest of the top 25, Kansas stays put at No. 3 in the rankings.

    4. Villanova (17-3), RPI: .6949

    Same rule holds true for the Wildcats, too. A loss to No. 16 Providence, ordinarily, would have knocked Villanova down a few pegs. But the whole field had a down week, and a 72-71 win over Seton Hall isn’t enough to catapult the Wildcats ahead of Kansas.

    5. Iowa (15-3), RPI: .6425

    Losses for Xavier, West Virginia, Maryland and SMU should launch the Hawkeyes into the top five. Wins against Rutgers and No. 22 Purdue are both quality victories for Iowa.

    6. Maryland (17-2), RPI: .6472
    7. Texas A&M (16-2), RPI: .6539
    8. Virginia (14-4), RPI: .6432
    9. Xavier (16-2), RPI: .6622
    10. West Virginia (15-3), RPI: .6244
    11. Michigan State (16-4), RPI: .6100
    12. SMU (18-1), RPI: .6619
    13. Baylor (14-3), RPI: .6311
    13. Miami (FL) (14-3), RPI: .6295
    15. Louisville (15-3), RPI: .6263
    16. Arizona (16-3), RPI: .6172
    17. Providence (16-3), RPI: .6185
    18. Iowa State (14-4), RPI: .6407
    19. Kentucky (14-4), RPI: .6308
    20. Duke (14-5), RPI: .6101
    21. Indiana (16-3), RPI: .5884
    22. Butler (13-5), RPI: .5898
    23. Purdue (17-3), RPI: .6105
    24. Pittsburgh (14-3), RPI: .6003
    25. Clemson (12-7), RPI: .5563

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