Oregon’s LED Field Is The April Fools’ Day Joke We Wish Were Real

    Oregon's LED Field is the April Fools' Day joke we wish were real. Just imagine what a lighted field would look like in real life.

    April 1, 2016

    Oregon football unveiled an LED field on April Fools’ Day. Just imagine how cool this would be in real life.

    Oregon’s football program pulled out all the stops for its April Fools’ Day joke, and it may be the biggest football tease you’ll experience all year.

    Known for their flashy, luminous branding, the Ducks sent out a press release, pictures and a video detailing the addition of LED lights to the field at Autzen Stadium.

    “We are always looking for improvement in all phases of our football program,” Head Coach Mark Helfrich said in the release. “We continue to embrace innovation and are excited to provide another unique homefield advantage to Autzen Stadium.”

    The release claimed Gelos LED Systems, a subsidiary of the Globex Corporation, a high-tech company based out of Cypress Creek, would be constructing the field.

    “We saw the amount of attention the custom endzones have received and wanted to expand on that,” said Jenny Davidson, Deputy Assistant to the Associate Chief Branding Officer. “This was completely fancentric as they wanted a new endzone design in Autzen, well now they are getting a whole new field design at the push of a button. One button on the pulse of our brand, creating a heartbeat and synergy not seen in sports since the invention of clapping.”

    The football fan in me, who appreciates football spectacles like Oregon’s uniforms or Boise State’s blue field, is deeply upset today is April 1.

    Cue the slow clap, and check out the video the Ducks released with Gelos LED Systems.

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