Oklahoma Sooners All-Time NFL Draft Team

    Who were the best former Oklahoma Sooner stars in the history of the NFL draft? Who were the best Oklahoma draft picks for the teams that drafted them?

    April 7, 2016

    Who were the best Oklahoma Sooner draft picks? Which players make the all-time OU NFL draft team?

    Which Oklahoma Sooners turned out to be the best NFL draft picks? Who were the best draft picks for each position?

    Considering that Oklahoma has one of the greatest college football programs of all-time, you’d think this would be easy – but it’s not.

    To start, this is an all-time draft team of players who did things for the NFL teams that drafted them – if a pick went on to kill it for someone else, the pick didn’t work.

    Shockingly, there are almost no linebackers to choose from, and the wide receiver pickings are slim. Part of the offensive problem was the wishbone offense the Sooners ran for a long, long time – there weren’t players for the passing game – but even the Bob Stoops era didn’t crank up the parts for the passing game like you’d think it would.

    But linebackers? Oklahoma?

    Offensive linemen weren’t a problem, and running backs were relatively easy, but it was a strain to fill out the other positions, especially quarterback – Troy Aikman was drafted as a UCLA Bruin.

    Oklahoma All-Time Draft Team Offense

    QB – Sam Bradford, 2010, St. Louis, 1st round, 1st pick overall
    RB – Adrian Peterson, 2007, Minnesota, 1st round, 7th pick overall
    RB – Greg Pruitt, 1973, Cleveland, 2nd round, 30th pick overall
    WR – Mark Clayton, 2005, Baltimore, 1st round, 22nd pick overall
    WR – Tommy McDonald, 1957, Philadelphia, 3rd round, 31st pick overall
    TE – Keith Jackson, 1988, Philadelphia, 1st round, 14th pick overall
    OL – Jammal Brown, 2005, New Orleans, 1st round, 13th pick overall
    OL – Davin Joseph, 2006, Tampa Bay, 1st round, 23rd pick overall
    OL – Phil Loadholt, 2009, Minnesota, 2nd round, 54th pick overall
    OL – Ralph Neely, 1965, Baltimore trade to Dallas, 2nd round, 28th pick overall
    OL – Lane Johnson, 2013, Philadelphia, 1st round, 4th pick overall

    Oklahoma All-Time Draft Team Defense

    DL – Tommie Harris, 2004, Chicago, 1st round, 14th pick overall

    DL – Gerald McCoy, 2010, Tampa Bay, 1st round, 3rd pick overall
    DL – Derland Moore, 1973, New Orleans, 2nd round, 29th pick overall
    DL – Lee Roy Selmon, 1976, Tampa Bay, 1st round, 1st pick overall
    LB – Joe Bowden, 1992, Houston, 5th round, 133rd pick overall
    LB – Curtis Lofton, 2008, Atlanta, 2nd round, 37th pick overall
    LB – Dewey Selmon, 1976, Tampa Bay, 2nd round, 60th pick overall

    DB – Jason Belser, 1992, Indianapolis, 8th round, 197th pick overall
    DB – Bobby Boyd, 1960, Baltimore, 10th round, 119th pick overall
    DB – Scott Case, 1984, Atlanta, 2nd round, 32nd pick overall
    DB – Roy Williams, 2002, Dallas, 1st round, 8th pick overall

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