Ohio State vs. Michigan Instant Analysis

    Instant Analysis on Ohio State's blowout win over Michigan

    November 28, 2015

    1. Tell me this isn’t one of the four best teams in the country.

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    I’m the first to rip all over Ohio State for not beating anyone with a pulse this year before this week, but there’s a difference between this Ohio State team not beating anyone and, say, Wisconsin not beating anyone.

    This is the proverbial Team You Don’t Want To Face in the playoffs.

    With this much talent, this coaching staff, and this program, you’re going to take a Clemson, Oklahoma, or Notre Dame right now over Ohio State? You don’t think this team would know how to ramp things up to a whole other level?

    I know, I know, if the team was that good it wouldn’t have choked at home to Michigan State and a backup quarterback, and yeah, the team didn’t look like this all season long, but if the idea is to get the four best teams in the playoff, tell me you’d bet the house, the kids and the fish on Clemson over the Buckeyes. Sell me on Iowa over OSU in a head-to-head showdown.

    I’m writing this before Penn State-Michigan State, so it could still happen if the Spartans lose and OSU goes off to the Big Ten title game, but even if it doesn’t and you want to put the Buckeyes into the playoff, I’m not arguing.

    Zeke was right all along

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    You may not have liked what Ezekiel Elliott said to reporters last week following a heartbreaking loss to Michigan State. You may feel he stepped out of bounds by questioning his coaches. But you cannot deny that the staff failed to put the Buckeyes in a position to win last Saturday in Columbus. Today in Ann Arbor, No. 15 let his legs do the talking.

    Ohio State didn’t get cute this afternoon against Michigan. Didn’t need to. Didn’t need to a week ago either. Just give the doggone ball to Elliott, one of the country’s premier backs. The junior made a loud statement, without saying a peep. He ran with a chip on his shoulder, eclipsing 200 yards on the ground against the nation’s fourth-ranked run defense. Elliot is a horse. And when you have a horse, you don’t leave him in the stable. You ride him to victory.

    Me? I appreciate outspoken athletes, provided their words come from a place of competitiveness. In the case of Elliott, the kid wants the ball, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that demeanor. The maturity stuff in handling the media will come in time. Last Saturday, he spoke the truth. Today, he backed up his statements with another monster performance against the Wolverines.

    From the decision to start Cardale Jones to abandoning the run too early against Michigan State, Urban Meyer seems to have outthought himself with over analysis at times this year. And as such, the Buckeyes must spend the rest of the day scoreboard watching, rooting hard for Penn State to upset Michigan State.

    Welcome to the rivalry, Jim Harbaugh

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    Michigan fans have been drooling about the job Jim Harbaugh has done in Year One, and even more giddy about the potential of their beloved Maize and Blue’s chances of bringing bad intentions to The Game.

    The cruel reality though is that Mr. Khakis hasn’t done anything better than what Brady Hoke did his first year. There still isn’t a division or Big Ten title, the win total will be less, and both rivals still took care of business in Ann Arbor. At least Hoke steered the team to to a BCS bowl win over Virginia Tech.

    It’s still going to take time to build things in Ann Arbor, and Michigan fans need to understand that nothing will be easy with Michigan State and Ohio State still stomping around the neighborhood with great coaching to go along with confidence and swagger.

    For Ohio State, don’t count it out of the College Football Playoff just yet. A win like this is a lot like the statement it made against Wisconsin last year in the Big Ten Championship game. Except this time, it was on the road in a hostile environment against a top ten opponent.

    You could argue this is still the most talented team in the country, and when it’s clicking on all cylinders like today, it can’t be beat. What we’ll have to watch is how the playoff committee treats Ohio State if Michigan State wins later today, and there’s no conference title game to boost the resume.

    In a one game scenario, do you really like the chances of an Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or Notre Dame over this Ohio State team? This is exactly why the committee was formed, and we’re about to get a very, very interesting ranking revelation on Tuesday.


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