Ohio State Football: Lost And Found Roster Replacements

    Ohio State football has some major roster replacements in order. Here are some of the players they lost and whom they've found to fill the void.

    March 7, 2016

    With so much talent lost for the Buckeyes on both sides of the ball, the past season also shed light on replacements they’ve found at some key positions for 2016 in Columbus.

    It’s nearly impossible to look at an NFL Draft board and not find an Ohio State Buckeye. The Urban Meyer effect has taken hold in Columbus, and the Buckeyes are now in the business of shuttling massive amounts of talent to the professional ranks.

    And while this pipeline to the pros is a fantastic recruiting pitch for Meyer and Ohio State, it also means that the roster must restock, reload and readdress any needs heading offseason practices.

    With that in mind, here is a look at the key positions where Ohio State lost talent, and some of the players they’ve found as replacements.

    LOST: Derron Lee, LB

    Chris Worley, LB

    It’s Worley’s time to make his mark on the Silver Bullets defense. The converted safety added weight and his defensive back instincts should help in pass defense coverage. From what we’ve seen, Worley also shows promise in one-on-one situations. It’s this skill that should be further honed during the offseason, and one of utmost importance as teams continue to spread the field against the Buckeyes.

    LOST: Joey Bosa, DE

    Sam Hubbard, DE

    Joey Bosa was one of those unique players whom offensive coordinators devised game plans to avoid. It will be tough to find a player as explosive off the line of scrimmage with the strength, speed and psychological impact of “here he comes” on every snap. Sam Hubbard has large shoes to fill.

    LOST: Tyvis Powell, Vonn Bell, S

    Malik Hooker, Cam Burrows, S

    If Hubbard and company do their jobs on the defensive line, the ball could be in the air pretty quickly. Burrows and Hooker will have to be ready to close on and disrupt receivers and come up with takeaways. Burrows has battled injuries through his career, but now is his time to prove he can be a reliable stopgap. The 6-foot-2 Hooker has a long reach and the ability to adjust quickly when the ball is in the air.

    As for the biggest loss and most important position to fill, the answer is simple …

    Ohio State’s biggest replacement

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