Ohio State AD Gene Smith Apologizes For Michigan Comments

    Ohio State AD Gene Smith apologizes for his Michigan comments. Here's Smith's statement clarifying what he meant.

    March 23, 2016

    Gene Smith unintentionally riled up the masses on Tuesday with his Michigan comments. A day later, he sent out a statement apologizing.

    The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is alive and kicking this talking season.

    On Tuesday, Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith was quoted as saying, “If we were jump starting our program, I’d probably try to do that too.” He was referencing Michigan’s practices in Florida.

    Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh pounced on Smith’s comment, tweeting “Good to see Director Smith being relevant again after the tattoo fiasco. Welcome back!”

    It was an odd comment from a coach whose every move has appeared so calculated, especially when considering Smith is one of the most successful athletic directors in the country.

    But it happened, Smith’s comments have been blown way out of proportion – again, it’s talking season and let’s be honest, Harbaugh is jump starting the Michigan program – and here we are.

    On Wednedsay morning, Smith felt the need to clarify what was said, sending out the following apology.

    The buildup to The Game on November 26 is going to phenomenal.

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