NFL Scouting Combine Workout Analysis: Running Backs

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis on the workouts of every prospect: the running backs

    February 27, 2016

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis of the workouts of every prospect: the running backs.

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    Peyton Barber, Auburn, 5-10, 228

    The most that came from his time in Indy is the story of his homeless mother. The workout for his size was good on the bench with 20 reps, but he didn’t show much else.
    Projection: Sixth Round

    Devontae Booker, Utah, 5-11, 219

    Still getting over an injury, he didn’t run or do any of the leaping drills, but he came up with a strong 22 reps on the bench. He’ll need to come up with a good workout at some point, but he’s starting to be a scouting favorite the more he gets analyzed.
    Projection: Third Round

    Tra Carson, Texas A&M. 5-11, 227

    While he didn’t run, he measured in at a big 227 pounds and came up with 19 reps on the bench. He’s a power runner who’ll need to show some workout quickness at some point.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Alex Collins, Arkansas, 5-10, 217

    It was good enough. He needed to be under a 4.6 in the 40, and the 4.59 was just fine. He might not have jumped all that well, but he was fine considering where his stock is.
    Projection: Second Round

    Marshaun Coprich, Illinois State, 5-8, 207

    The numbers at the lower-level are phenomenal, and he had the workout numbers to match. He’s a small, compact back, and he scooted to a fast 4.47 in the 40 and was more than quick enough in the short drills.
    Projection: Seventh Round

    Kenneth Dixon, Louisiana Tech, 5-10, 215

    If you liked him before – and many do – then he did everything you needed to see. The explosive 37.5” vertical and speed through the short drills showed off his versatility, and he caught the ball fine compared to everyone else.
    Projection: Third Round

    Kenyan Drake, Alabama, 6-1, 210

    You wanted the big speed back to be big and speedy? He checked in at an official 210 pounds and blazed a 4.45 40 and roared through the short drills. The ten reps on the bench were a bit light compared to other top backs, but who cares? He jumped over ten feet in the broad jump.
    Projection: Third Round

    Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State, 6-0, 225

    It was more than good enough. With his size and his bulk, he was really, really fast out of the blocks with a 4.47 40 and was more than smooth throughout all the drills. He looked the part of a No. 1 back and solidified his stock as a first rounder.
    Projection: First Round

    Tyler Ervin, San Jose State, 5-10, 192

    He was supposed to be one of the most athletic and explosive backs in Indy, and he was with a terrific 4.41 in the 40 and dominated in the leaping drills with a 10’ 10” broad jump – second-best among the backs.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Josh Ferguson, Illinois, 5-9, 198

    He needed to be a little bit faster and quicker – he was fine, but he didn’t standout. The 4.48 40 was great, and the 21 reps on the bench were strong, but he needed to dominate. However, he was more than good enough to solidify himself in the mid-rounds.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Derrick Henry, Alabama, 6-3, 247

    For his size, a 4.54 40 is outstanding. More impressively, he exploded in the leaps tying for second among the backs with a 10’ 10” broad jump and a 37” vertical. Most athletic and faster than most backs, pack it all into a guy the size of Von Miller, and he did what he needed to do.
    Projection: Second Round

    Jordan Howard, Indiana, 6-0, 230

    While he moved okay in the various drills, he didn’t standout other than big really big and being great at getting around. The jumps and explosiveness were good enough, but he didn’t look like a natural receiver.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Devon Johnson, Marshall, 6-0, 238

    He wasn’t able to workout trying to get over a back problem.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Daniel Lasco, California, 6-0, 209

    If you want to get on the radar, come up with a workout like Lasco’s. He was one of the best all-around athletes on Friday coming up with a 4.46 40 and leading the backs with a 41.5” vertical and a 11’3” vertical. He was supposed to be athletic, and he was in a big way.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Tre Madden, USC, 6-0, 223

    While he didn’t run – he’s getting over a knee injury – the 24 reps on the bench were good for an offensive lineman. Now he has to get his knee healthy again after getting his surgery done at the end of the season.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Keith Marshall, Georgia, 5-11, 219

    Marshall is coming off a knee injury and there were a few question marks about whether or not he lost anything. How about a 4.31 40 to go along with 25 reps on the bench. While he wasn’t all that smooth, who cares? He was good enough in the drills.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Paul Perkins, UCLA, 5-10, 208

    For a workhorse type of back, the 4.54 40 doesn’t matter, but the explosive 10’4” broad jump does. A scouting favorite, he had a good enough overall workout to keep his stock at around the top 100.
    Projection: Third Round

    C.J. Prosise, Notre Dame, 6-0, 220

    For a 220-pound back, his 4.48 was outstanding and he did just about everything else well. A former wide receiver, he stood out as a natural in the pass catching drills, and looked good throughout the session.
    Projection: Third Round

    Wendell Smallwood, West Virginia, 5-10, 208

    Boom. The Mountaineer came up with one of the best all-around workouts with a strong 4.47 40, and 10’ broad jump, and with excellent quickness in the short drills. It was enough to make him look like a core special teamer and third down specialist.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Kelvin Taylor, Florida, 5-10, 207

    Okay, not great. He wasn’t supposed to blaze away in the 40, and he didn’t. However, there was nothing else about his workout that stood out. He’s a better runner and player than he is in workouts.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Shadrach Thornton, NC State, 6-0, 217

    While he’s smooth, he’s also slow. He was quick enough through the cones and short drills, and he jumped well, but the 4.75 40 and the 12 reps on the bench showed off his limitations.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Deandre Washington, Texas Tech, 5-8, 204

    He needed to look the part of a quick third down option, and he did just that going really, really fast through the short drills with a great 4.2 in the 20-yard shuttle and rolling through everything else. The 4.49 40 and 24 reps on the bench helped.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Brandon Wilds, South Carolina, 6-1, 220

    A big, strong back, he was just that with 21 reps on the bench, but he also moved well with a good-enough 4.54 40 and with a 36.5” vertical. For a 220-pounder, all that mattered was whether or not he was quick, and he was through the short drills.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Jonathan Williams, Arkansas, 5-11, 220

    Still coming off a foot injury, he didn’t run, but he benched with an okay 16 reps. He was a bit shorter than expected, but it doesn’t matter. He’s in shape, but he needs to get his foot right.
    Projection: Third Round


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