NFL Scouting Combine Workout Analysis: Outside Linebackers

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis on the workouts of every prospect: the outside linebackers

    February 29, 2016

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis of the workouts of every prospect: the outside linebackers.

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    Devante Bond, Oklahoma, 6-1, 230

    Extremely athletic, he blew up with a 37.5” vertical and was explosive throughout all the drills. He’s a good ball player who had slightly questionable athleticism – questions answered. He had a terrific workout.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Kentrell Brothers, Missouri, 6-0, 245

    Could he come up with something special to show that he’s ready to be among the top outside linebackers? Sort of. Extremely quick through the short drills, he made up for a sluggish 4.89 40 by doing a nice job in bursts. He’ll never have the right body, but he’s a playmaker.
    Projection: Second Round

    Beniquez Brown, Mississippi State, 6-1, 229

    He’s not big enough and he had questionable athleticism coming into Indy. It turned out fine with great set of short drills with nice short burst quickness. However, he wasn’t all that explosive considering he’s built like a safety. He’ll have to make a team as a key special teamer.
    Projection: Free Agent

    De’Vondre Campbell, Minnesota, 6-4, 232

    A tall, talented pass rusher, he came up with a good 4.58 40 – one of the best among the linebackers. Explosive in the jumping drills, he’s going to be tried out as a pure pass rushing threat, but he might not be a top all-around linebacker with his style.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Su’a Cravens, USC, 6-1, 226

    While he didn’t run, and he’s a bit undersized, he didn’t do enough to create any sort of a buzz with a disappointing 27” vertical and just 16 reps on the bench. He’ll have to blow up the pro day to be a sure-thing top 50 pick.
    Projection: Second Round

    Kyler Fackrell, Utah State, 6-5, 245

    For his size, it wasn’t a bad workout with a not-bad 4.72 in the 40 and with excellent jumps in the drills. He’s a motor-rusher who can get off the ball in a hurry, and while he’s not lightning fast, he can move. The 15 reps on the bench were a little light, though.
    Projection: Third Round

    Travis Feeney, Washington, 6-4, 230

    Phenomenal. He helped himself out in a huge way with great size and tremendous explosiveness running a 4.5 40 and with a huge broad jump of close to 11’ with a 40” vertical. He runs like a big defensive back and he has the size – it was a good weekend.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Leonard Floyd, Georgia, 6-4, 244

    You wanted to see a pass rushing threat? How about a very big, very active danger into the backfield who can run a 4.6 40 and crank up a close to 40” vertical and leap 10’7” in the broad jump? He might not be built the right way – and that’s why he’ll slip out of the first round – but he can move.
    Projection: Second Round

    Kris Frost, Auburn, 6-2, 240

    He’s got the right build, and he has the movement on the field, but he came close to a 5.0 40 and wasn’t all that explosive or athletic. He can get around, but can he play? He might get drafted as a special teamer.
    Projection: Seventh Round

    B.J. Goodson, Clemson, 6-1, 242

    While he’s not smooth in any way, he can move a little bit for a 242-pound popper. The 4.69 40 was good, and the 30 reps on the bench were tremendous. The big key? He was explosive and strong in the other drills moving around in a hurry. He’s the type of guy you want on your team, and at the very least, he could be a superstar special teamer.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Myles Jack, UCLA, 6-1, 245

    While he didn’t run and didn’t do the main drills, the 19 reps on the bench were fine and, most importantly, everything seems ready to go with his knee injury. He’ll have to move and run at some point, but for now, he’s not slipping at all. Everyone knows what he is.
    Projection: First Round

    Jordan Jenkins, Georgia, 6-3, 259

    He’s not really a true pass rushing outside linebacker, but he’s a hitter. The 36.5” vertical and 10’1” broad jump showed off his pop, but the 4.8 40 was a bit slow. A leader and a guy who’ll take over a defense, he’s more about the intangibles than the on-field drills.
    Projection: Third Round

    Deion Jones, LSU, 6-1, 222

    He’s a bit too small and he needed to be fast, and he was with a 4.59 40. He jumped well and moved great, but he’s still raw. A tremendous athlete, he’s still going to need time and work, but he has the skills to grow into a high-end producer.
    Projection: Third Round

    Darron Lee, Ohio State, 6-1, 232

    Cemented as a first round draft pick, everything was all there before he came to Indy, and then he blew up the Combine with an elite workout. The 11’1” broad jump was the best of the linebackers, and the 35.5” vertical worked. Really, really quick throughout all the drills and with a linebacker-high 4.47 40, he proved he has to go Day One.
    Projection: First Round

    Cory Littleton, Washington, 6-3, 238

    Considering he’s a long-framed linebacker, he was quick through all the drills and didn’t look gawky at all. The 4.73 40 was fine, and he jumped well, but was it enough to get drafted? He could grow into a terrific special teamer with his athleticism.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Curt Maggitt, Tennessee, 6-3, 247

    He avoided the big question marks around everything happening at Tennessee – he wouldn’t talk about it do the media. He didn’t work out – health is a concern, along with everything else.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Tyler Matakevich, Temple, 6-0, 238

    No one really cared that much about his athleticism, since his game doesn’t rely on being fast. Even so, he was quick enough through the cones and he moved just fine. He was more athletic than expected, and while the 4.81 40 wasn’t fast, it wasn’t totally miserable. Teams are going to want him to sit there and stop the run.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Montese Overton, East Carolina, 6-2, 223

    Considering he’s not all that big, he did what he needed to do with a good 4.61 40 and a fantastic 10’3” broad jump. He moved quickly and flew around like a huge defensive back – there might be a tweener spot for him and he could shine on special teams.
    Projection: Seventh Round

    Joe Schobert, Wisconsin, 6-1, 244

    He wasn’t expected to be an explosive athlete, but he ran a good 4.76 and was extremely quick throughout the short drills. Already a top 100 pick, he should solidify a spot in the third round with a workout that proved he can move.
    Projection: Third Round

    Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame, 6-2, 223

    It was a totally disastrous weekend considering some of the medical reports reportedly showed nerve damage to his knee. At the very least, it’s looking like he’ll be out for the entire 2016 season, and now there are some major question marks about if he’s worthy of a high first round pick – if he goes in the first round at all.
    Projection: First Round

    Eric Striker, Oklahoma, 5-11, 227

    While he’s way too small, he helped to make up for it with 23 reps on the bench. The 4.8 40, though, was way too sluggish. He did what he needed to in terms of looking like a fit for someone, but he didn’t rock enough to be assured of a top 100 pick. He could slide fast.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Stephen Weatherly, Vanderbilt, 6-4, 267

    A big defender, he lifted a decent 23 reps on the bench and ran a great 4.61 40. It was a good enough workout to make him a key free agent pickup, but was it enough to get drafted? It was good, but at best he’s a late round pick.
    Projection: Free Agent


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