NFL Scouting Combine Workout Analysis: Cornerbacks

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis on the workouts of every prospect: the cornerbacks

    March 1, 2016

    The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine quick analysis of the workouts of every prospect: the cornerbacks.

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    Mackensie Alexander, Clemson, 5-10, 190

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to run or move with his hamstring injury
    Projection: First Round

    Eli Apple, Ohio State, 6-1, 199

    Already thought of as a first round corner, he helped solidify his spot with an impressive 4.4 40 – fast for this class of corners. He might not be twitchy, but he’s a big, fast corner who can get physical. Highlighted by a great one-handed catch, he looked the part in drills.
    Projection: First Round

    Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Minnesota, 5-9, 193

    While he might not have ideal length and size, he proved he could get around with a terrific 4.47 40 and some impressive quick drills. He might not look right body-wise, but moves well enough to make up for it.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    James Bradberry, Samford, 6-1, 211

    He looked great with terrific size and the ability to get around more than well enough for this class. The 4.5 40 is fine for his size, and he jumped well and looked the part. It was a great workout that should assure that he’ll get drafted in the mid to late rounds.
    Projection: Sixth Round

    Anthony Brown, Purdue, 5-11, 192

    A likely free agent before the Combine, he might not be the best cover-corner, but he can really, really move with one of the best 40 runs for a corner with a 4.35 to go along with a strong 19 reps on the bench. He moved like an NFL player, and now he’ll get a much longer look.
    Projection: Sixth Round

    Artie Burns, Miami, 6-0, 193

    It was sort of disappointing. Considering he’s an elite track runner at Miami, the 4.46 was just okay. Obviously it was more than fine, but there was hope of something special, and he wasn’t all that explosive in the other drills. It was more than fine – it’s not like he hurt his stock.
    Projection: Third Round

    Juston Burris, NC State, 6-0, 212

    He’s got great size and good strength with 19 reps on the bench, but he wasn’t all that fast with a 4.53 40. The pop was there in the jumps and he moved just well enough in the short drills, but he didn’t do anything to demand to be drafted.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Taveze Calhoun, Mississippi State, 6-0, 192

    Not necessarily a big or physical corner, he had to be really fast, and he wasn’t with a 4.58 40 and an underwhelming vertical. He’s a good, smart football player, but the raw tools are missing to be a starter.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Maurice Canady, Virginia, 6-1, 193

    The 4.49 40 is going to help considering this was a slow class of corners. A good football player, he also showed off the quickness getting around the cones without any problem and with a 38” vertical among the best in the group. It was good enough to think he might be able to get into the top 100.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Ken Crawley, Colorado, 6-0, 187

    While he might not be the best pure defender and he might get way too grabby, but maybe that can be adjusted considering his speed. The 4.43 was a big help, and he jumped okay to get into a camp and make an impact.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Sean Davis, Maryland, 6-1, 201

    He doesn’t quite look right for a corner and he might turn into a whale of a safety, but the workout itself was great with a corner-high 21 reps on the bench and a strong 10’4” broad jump. Really quick for his size, he did all the drills well, even if he was a bit tight.
    Projection: Third Round

    Deandre Elliott, Colorado State, 6-1, 188

    He jumped out of the stadium with a 41” vertical, and he was great in the broad jump with a 10’5” broad jump and tremendous quickness for his size, but he couldn’t catch a thing. There’s fighting the ball, and there’s Elliott in the ball drills.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Kendall Fuller, Virginia Tech, 5-11, 187

    Still trying to get healthy after suffering a knee injury, he didn’t work out, but he came up with a not bad 15 reps on the bench.
    Projection: Second Round

    Deiondre’ Hall, Northern Iowa, 6-2, 199

    The 4.68 40 was slow – even for a big, long corner – but he did everything else right with a 10’7” broad jump quick runs in the short drills. He might be a tweener and will eventually end up at safety, but he showed he has NFL tools to end up somewhere.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Vernon Hargreaves, Florida, 5-10, 204

    Yup. It was all good for a top 15 pick who now looks like a sure-thing. The 4.5 might have been a wee bit slow, but it wasn’t that bad considering he came up with a 39” vertical and ripped up a 10’10” broad jump. He’s not the smoothest corner, but whatever – he moves great, he was really quick, and he did everything right.
    Projection: First Round

    De’Vante Harris, Texas A&M, 6-1, 195

    A good football player, but not a great one, he at least jumped well exploding to a 38.5” vertical with extremely quick runs around the short drills. The 4.56 was too slow, and he’s not a safety, but he has intriguing skills.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Xavien Howard, Baylor, 6-0, 201

    He really projects to be more of a safety than a corner, and this workout proves it with a slowish 4.58 40. However, the 11 reps on the bench were way light for a good-tackling defensive back. He jumped fine and ran okay in short spaces, but he didn’t look like a top NFL corner.
    Projection: Third Round

    William Jackson III, Houston, 6-0, 189

    It’s hard to really help yourself too much at the Combine if you’re already a top 50 player, but Jackson might have done it. The 4.37 40 was phenomenal for this class, and he ran and moved well in the ball drills looking the part of a potential shutdown guy for one side. He has the size and the speed – he can play.
    Projection: First Round

    Cyrus Jones, Alabama, 5-10, 197

    Probably the most technically sound corner in Indy – at least in terms of the drills – he did everything razor-sharp. Every drill looked like a how-to tape. It didn’t hurt that he ran a 4.49 and was extremely quick around the cones. He might not have the right body, but he stood out.
    Projection: Third Round

    Jonathan Jones, Auburn, 5-9, 186

    Injuries are his biggest issue, but there’s no problem at all with his workout. Size is a problem, but the corner-high 4.33 40 and with 19 reps on the bench, he did what the scouts wanted. He wasn’t quick around the short drills, but he jumped great and he was fluid throughout.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Harlan Miller, Southeastern Louisiana, 6-0, 182

    He needed to be much faster. He’s a good player and he has talent, but the 4.65 40 for a player of his size might drop him a bit. The quickness was just okay, but he jumped well and he had a few nice moments. The six reps on the bench were soft, even for a corner.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Eric Murray, Minnesota, 5-11, 199

    He’s not going to have the right look and he’s not going to seem like a prototype NFL corner, but he can run. A flash through the short drills, fantastic in the jumps with a 39.5” vertical, and with a 4.49 40, he helped himself in a big way.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Kevin Peterson, Oklahoma State, 5-10, 181

    Everyone wanted him to be great because he looks fantastic, has the right body, and is the type of smart, tough baller that everyone likes. However, considering he was supposed to come into Indy and be really fast, the 4.66 was a disaster. While he jumped well and moved around fine in the other drills, he’ll need to work on the 40 before the pro day.
    Projection: Fourth Round

    Jimmy Pruitt, San Jose State, 6-0, 198
    While he’s a good football player – at least he was in college – he’s not an NFL corner after running a 4.73. However, the 19 reps on the bench were great if he wants to grow into a safety. He’s a special teamer if he makes a squad.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Jalen Ramsey, Florida State, 6-1, 209

    Awesome. No, his workout wasn’t at an all-timer level, and the 4.41 was relatively disappointing considering he’s a track star, but he jumped out of the stadium with a 41.5” vertical and took off for a corner-best 11’3” broad jump. Corner, safety, whatever – he has all the tools and abilities to be a Pro Bowl talent no matter where he goes.
    Projection: First Round

    Will Redmond, Mississippi State, 5-11, 182

    He’s going to be an interesting call with the talent and ability to be a top 50 pick, but he’ll slide after tearing his ACL this season. He didn’t work out in Indy.
    Projection: Third Round

    Rashard Robinson, LSU, 6-1, 171

    Booted from LSU, the interviews were the key to his weekend – and no one knows how all of those went. He had to run fast and workout well, but the 4.49 was a little bit slowish. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t lights out. He’s too thin and too light, but he can get moving on the field.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    h3>Keivarae Russell, Notre Dame, 5-11, 192
    Coming off a broken leg, he wasn’t able to do much of anything, but the 17 reps on the bench were solid.
    Projection: Sixth Round

    Zack Sanchez, Oklahoma, 5-11, 185

    The jury is out on just how good he can be, and now he has to destroy the pro day after deciding to not run the 40. The 19 reps on the bench were great, and the other drills were terrific. He’s a baller who’s going to be a must-have after the top 50, and he might be one great 40 away from moving into the elite.
    Projection: Third Round

    Kevon Seymour, USC, 5-11, 186

    That’s how you make a splash. He was supposed to be fast, but the 4.39 in a slow year for corners was exactly what he needed to do. There might be several question marks about his talent and upside, but you can’t coach raw wheels.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Leshaun Sims, Southern Utah, 6-0, 203

    After a good offseason of workouts and as a good-looking corner with size, he looked just good enough to be a key free agent if he’s not taken late in the draft. The 4.53 wasn’t bad in this class, but he did the best work in the short drills getting around well.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Ryan Smith, North Carolina Central, 5-11, 189

    It was a better workout than he’ll get credit for – he’ll get lost in the shuffle. The 4.47 40 was great in this class, and he jumped well and he showed off quickness and explosion in the short drills. He moved great and might showed enough to get drafted.
    Projection: Free Agent

    Cleveland Wallace, San Jose State, 5-11, 188

    The 4.68 was a killer. He has safety potential, but he moves quickly enough and smoothly enough to be tried out in several different spots. He’s not really a hitter, but he can run.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    D.J. White, Georgia Tech, 5-11, 193

    Expected to on everyone’s hot list after the first round, White did everything he was supposed to with a 4.49 40 and a special broad jump with an 11’ leap. He wasn’t all that quick in the short drills, and he’s destined to be safety at some point, but he did a good job.
    Projection: Third Round

    Brandon Williams, Texas A&M, DDD

    The former running back moved way too well. Yeah, he was Sergio Garcia in his 40 – it took him FOREVER to get ready to roll – the 4.37 was among the best prospects at the Combine and he zipped around the short drills. He still needs work, but he has the tools.
    Projection: Sixth Round

    Daryl Worley, West Virginia, 6-1, 204

    A scouting community favorite, he’s big, talented, and willing to do just about anything. That’s why the 4.64 40 was such a disappointment. He zipped around the short drills and looked good doing just about everything else, but the 40 has to improve at his pro day.
    Projection: Fifth Round

    Tavon Young, Temple, 5-9, 183

    Fantastic. He might not be all that tall, and he might not have the right look, but he tore off a 4.46 and was flying around the cones with a corner-best 3.93 20-yard shuttle. He’s a baller, and now he’s going to make teams give some more thought about him.
    Projection: Fifth Round


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