NCAA Basketball Rankings, Week 12: Power 32

    Week 12 NCAA basketball rankings for the 2015-16 season. The entire AP Top 25 was put through the ringer in an up-and-down week.

    January 25, 2016

    Week 12 NCAA basketball rankings for the 2015-16 season. North Carolina is back on top. 

    Can anyone — literally anyone — hold onto an AP Top 25 ranking? It seems as though, as soon as a team moves up the rankings, it falls right back down with a loss.

    The majority of the top 10 teams took a loss on the chin this past week.

    Somehow the North Carolina Tar Heels, who held the preseason No. 1 ranking, have found their way back to the top of the pack.

    Michigan State bounced back from three straight losses by knocking off a talented Maryland team in East Lansing, Mich. thanks to strong play from Matt Costello and Denzel Valentine.

    Oklahoma and Kansas, in spite of losses last week, still remain in the top five of the Power 32.

    Let’s take a look at how the power rankings shape out this week.

    Power 32 NCAA Basketball Rankings

    1. North Carolina (17-2), RPI: .6646

    With another “Tobacco Road” win against Wake Forest, the Tar Heels have finally found their way back to the top of the Power 32 and likely the AP Top 25.

    2. Oklahoma (15-2), RPI: .6839

    Well, it was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? The Sooners had the top spot for a day before Iowa State handed them a loss. Even a win over Baylor isn’t enough to keep Oklahoma atop the rankings.

    3. Kansas (14-3), RPI: .6653

    The Jayhawks have so much talent, and yet they lose to teams like Oklahoma State. It’s probably just a bump in the road, but Kansas can’t lose to unranked teams in January. For now, the Jayhawks are still in the top three because of how they responded with a win over Texas.

    4. Iowa (15-3), RPI: .6425

    With eight wins in a row, the Hawkeyes should be taken seriously. They’re 6-0 in Big Ten play, and Jarrod Uthoff is the real deal.

    5. Maryland (17-2), RPI: .6472

    The loss to Michigan State is forgivable for the Terrapins. Even with the poor rebounding effort, you have to credit the Spartans more than you chastise Maryland. Melo Trimble is still a baller and one of the best guards in college basketball.

    6. Villanova (17-3), RPI: .6949

    The Wildcats were riding a nine-game winning streak until they fell to Providence. A 72-71 win over Seton Hall isn’t the impressive win we were looking for, but it’s still a win.

    7. Virginia (14-4), RPI: .6432

    They may be 3-3 in ACC play, but the Cavaliers are 3-0 against ranked opponents this season. A loss to a talented FSU squad isn’t the end of the world. Virginia did beat arguably the hottest team in the land as of late: Clemson.

    8. Xavier (16-2), RPI: .6622

    Xavier had ripped off four straight wins before falling to Georgetown on Tuesday, and it bounced back with a win over Seton Hall, 84-76. The Musketeers have gone 3-1 against ranked foes and still deserve a top 10 spot in the Power 32 — for now.

    9. Michigan State (16-4), RPI: .6100

    Say what you will about losing three games in a row, but if there was any way to rebound from that slump, it was with a 74-65 win against Maryland. Matt Costello was a beast on the boards, and he’ll be dangerous if he keeps playing the way he has.

    10. West Virginia (15-3), RPI: .6244

    A loss to Oklahoma is understandable. A second straight loss — to Texas of all teams — is cause for slight concern. But the Mountaineers at least responded with a win over Texas Tech.

    11. SMU (18-1), RPI: .6619
    12. Texas A&M (16-2), RPI: .6539
    13. Louisville (15-3), RPI: .6263
    13. Arizona (16-3), RPI: .6172
    15. Providence (16-3), RPI: .6185
    16. Baylor (14-3), RPI: .6311
    17. Kentucky (14-4), RPI: .6308
    18. Iowa State (14-4), RPI: .6407
    19. Miami (FL) (14-3), RPI: .6295
    20. Duke (14-5), RPI: .6101
    21. Indiana (16-3), RPI: .5884
    22. Butler (13-5), RPI: .5898
    23. Purdue (17-3), RPI: .6105
    24. Clemson (12-7), RPI: .5563

    25. Pittsburgh (14-3), RPI: .6003

    26. Gonzaga (13-5), RPI: .5754
    27. USC (15-4), RPI: .6299
    28. UCLA (12-7), RPI: .5892
    29. South Carolina (16-1), RPI: .6208
    30. Wichita St (12-5), RPI: .6003

    31. Utah (13-5), RPI: .6187
    32. Texas Tech (12-5), RPI: .6138

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