Five Most-Hated College Basketball Players Of All Time

    Here are the most-hated college basketball players of all time. These athletes have irritated fans with their passion.

    February 17, 2016

    There have been a lot of athletes who have irritated fans throughout the years, but here are the five most-hated college basketball players of all time.

    The 241st edition of the Duke vs. UNC rivalry resumes tonight. The matchup is an exciting one that brings a lot emotion to the college game. Some of the emotion attached to these storied battles contains a great deal of hatred. With key contributors to the rivalry like Laettner, Hurley, Wojo, and Redick … the brunt of the vitriol is directed Durham’s way.

    In lieu of the loathing, I decided to embrace the hate. Here is the all-time Kanye squad, aka the All-Time Most Hated Team.

    5) Joakim Noah

    He had a signature look – all that hair. People didn’t like that. He had too much fun out there. Haters don’t like fun. He played hard and celebrated hard.

    And he won. Back-to-back national titles.

    4) Marshall Henderson

    This guy played with passion. The masses would label it something different. He was a unnerving gunner, who could fill it up fast. Along with being a high-volume shooter, he was a high-volume agitator who maximized his time on the floor with relentlessly taunting the fans. He had the green light to shoot, as well as the green light to irritate. Obnoxious. Maybe. Entertaining no doubt.

    3) Bobby Hurley

    He looked like the high school kid who caught a swirly every other day, but he was the DJ Khaled of college hoops in the 90s. With back-to-back national titles, all he did was “win, win, win, no matter what.” Can’t imagine hating someone who shared as much as this guy. Hurley left Durham as the NCAA all-time career leader in assists with 1,076. Maybe sharing the floor with the hated Laettner made him guilty by association? One thing’s for certain, there was no tougher competitor to put on the Blue Devils jersey.

    2) Chris Webber

    Pains me to put this guy on the list as I absolutely adored the five revolutionaries known as the “Fab Five.” But the hate for him was real and downright ugly. Basketball purists and conservatives weren’t ready for the movement. Five brash young black men and those four S’ – the shoes, the socks, the shorts and the swagger. The haters got their moment – the Webber timeout vs. UNC that forever altered my life. It was the first time I recall crying. These guys were ahead of their time.

    1) Christian Laettner

    This is a no-brainer at No. 1. The stepping on Aminu Timberlake became the moment that would define him. Man I hated Laettner, but damn could he play.

    If this were a real team, the guy best to coach these vibrant personalities would be …

    John Calipari

    Somebody has to coach these guys. Who better suited to handle all these egos then a guy who is currently living lavishing in Lexington doing exactly that. Cal is defiant in the face of the NCAA and has established an 1 and done model that has infuriated college fans across the nation. Don’t believe me, ask John Chaney how lovable Cal is.

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