Mike Gundy Frustrated With Length Of Games: ‘Go To 12 Minute Quarters’

    Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has some ideas of how to fix the problem of long games, but knows more powerful people than him have to speak up for people to listen.

    November 7, 2016

    With college football games lasting longer than ever, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has some ideas of how to fix the problem.

    The playing time of college football games has lengthened, especially in the Big 12 where offenses are dominating and points are being put up on the scoreboard in a hurry.

    Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said he is astonished there hasn’t been a little pushback by a certain controlling interest.

    “I’m a little surprised we haven’t heard much from TV networks on this [length of games],” Gundy said during Monday’s coaches teleconference.

    The Texas-Texas Tech game, a 45-37 win for the Longhorns, took four hours and 15 minutes to complete this past Saturday, while Oklahoma State games have lasted about three and a half hours on average this season.

    Gundy has one idea of how to solve the marathon games.

    “Go from 12 minute quarters instead of 15 because the amount of times the clock is stopped based on forward passes that are incomplete.”

    West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen also stated his opinion during the teleconference, claiming the length of replay reviews has affected game time as well.

    “It seems like last week we had plays getting replayed left and right, which that costs time,” Holgorsen said.

    For changes to take effect, Gundy knows that people higher than him must take the initiative and discuss possible solutions with the controlling powers.

    “Honestly, they could give a flip what the coaches think,” Gundy said. “Presidents and athletic directors make all the decisions. They ask for comments from coaches and they throw it in the trash, so you are spinning your wheels unless you get to the administration.”

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