Michigan’s New Jumpman Basketball Uniforms Appear To Have Leaked Online

    The Michigan Wolverines' new Jumpman basketball uniforms have apparently leaked online hours before their initial release.

    December 1, 2016

    The Michigan Wolverines’ new Jumpman basketball uniforms have apparently leaked online hours before their initial release.

    It would appear that the much anticipated unveiling of Michigan’s new Jumpman basketball uniforms came a few hours earlier than expected on Friday. While the official release of the uniforms is scheduled for Friday evening, images of what appear to be the actual uniform sets were leaked during the afternoon on the school’s MDen website.

    Judging by the looks of the leaked jerseys, they seem legit and appear to be the real things. So without further ado, let’s break these suckers down.


    Both the home and away sets are of the same layout and design, with the home unis being the Michigan maize color, and the aways navy blue. “MICHIGAN” is spelled out across the chest with each player’s number right below it, and the famed Jumpman logo is placed on the upper right chest. That’s it, or at least that’s it given the leaked images. My best guess is that the Big Ten logo will be placed on the upper left chest of the actual jerseys that the players will wear.

    The first impression I got when looking at these was that they appear to be Fab Five throwbacks. During that era, Michigan wore almost identical jerseys with the same colors, layout and extremely similar bordering.

    A couple differences between the leaked uniforms and the ones worn by Jalen Rose and company, aside from the Jumpman logo, are the waistband and the “M” on the shorts. The shorts worn in the early 1990s had navy blue and yellow/maize striping around the waist, and the leaked images of the Jumpman shorts have no striping in that area. The second difference, at least by looking at pictures, is the size of the “M” logo on the sides of the shorts. The “M” on the new shorts appears to be smaller in size than the one used during the Fab Five era.

    Michigan did a good job with these new uniforms. They are extremely simple and offer a bit of a blast from the past. My only remaining question until the official unveiling of the new uniforms is whether or not they will have a white set along with the maize and navy blue ones. In the leaked images there was a white uniform, but it was labeled as “replica,” whereas the other two sets were labeled “authentic.” If I had to put money on this, I’d say that there will be a white set along with the other two.

    So all things considered, and going with the assumption that the leaked images are in fact the actual new uniforms, I’d give Michigan a solid A for these. Well done.

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