Miami Head Coaching Candidates Miami REALLY Wants

    Who are the head coaching candidates Miami REALLY wants to start looking at?

    November 11, 2015

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    Okay, Miami fans. Who do you really want to be your next head football coach?

    EVERYONE knows who the next head coach should be. EVERYONE has an opinion, EVERYONE thinks they know who should be a leader of a modern college football program, and EVERYONE has a guy who’d be the perfect fit.

    Lump me in with that, too.

    I might be wired into the coaching community and the inner working of the process better than the average fan, but I usually have no freaking clue who the right guy is until he gets into the program and gets to sink his teeth in.

    Sometimes a coach catches a bad break in terms of sanctions, past recruiting classes, the rise of another program within the conference, or any one of a bazillion other issues that all the top schools have to deal with. Sometimes a guy just isn’t the right fit, and sometimes that obscure coordinator turns into a budding superstar.

    But that doesn’t stop fans, rich alumni, and everyone who wears a piece of a team’s paraphernalia from believing they know who’s best.

    Ground Zero right now on the crazy coaching speculation is Miami. Name anyone who’s ever been associated with the Hurricane program, and someone will say he’s the right fit.

    Can Miami get a Rob Chudzinski? Is Mario Cristobal the right guy? Can the program give Mark Richt or Butch Davis a fresh start?

    Those are too easy and obvious.

    Miami fans, let’s REALLY do a coaching search. You want someone to resurrect the glory days, here are your five “It’s a U thing, you wouldn’t understand” head coaching candidates.

    5. Dave Wannstedt

    The defensive coordinator at Miami from 1986 through 1988, he might not have taken the Dolphins, Bears or Pitt Panthers to any great heights, but he worked under Jimmy Johnson in the glory days and helped the Hurricanes win the national championship. A young and fiery 63 years old, he’s still jacked up, he’s still wired into the game, and most importantly, he coached when Michael Irvin was there.

    Michael Irvin U-Cred Coaching Meter: 4.5 out of 5

    4. Howard Schnellenberger

    Donald Trump wants to build his wall – and it’s going to be “amazing.” To keep people out, bring back Howard Schnellenberger to rebuild the fence to keep the most talented football players in. His mythical fence around the “State of Miami” helped keep most of the top recruits from leaving for schools to the north, and a dynasty was born from there. So he’s 81? Outside of an ill-fated one-year run at Oklahoma in 1995, he’s been great at building up teams from scratch, or close to it. Miami was nothing in the 1970s before he took over in 1979. Louisville blossomed under his watch, and he created the Florida Atlantic program, winning a piece of the Sun Belt title in three years. At the very least, let him coach any bowl game Miami gets to – he’s 6-0 all-time in the post-season. One problem: he left before Michael Irvin came aboard.

    Michael Irvin U-Cred Coaching Meter:
    2 out of 5

    3. Mike Shula

    His last name is Shula, and it’s Miami. What could possibly go wrong? He went 10-2 as the Alabama head coach in 2005, but he went 6-6 the following year and was fired, because you can’t go 6-6 at Alabama – especially if Nick Saban is available. Miami super-booster Paul DiMare has reportedly said Shula would be his guy, but the son of the NFL coaching legend has no ties to the Hurricanes, so …

    Michael Irvin U-Cred Coaching Meter:
    0 out of 5

    2. Jimmy Johnson

    It’s sort of been lost in the historical view of Johnson’s coaching career, but he started out on the wrong side of the Doug Flutie Hail Mary and, at the time, the biggest in-game collapse in college football history against Frank Reich and Maryland. He was also known as the guy who couldn’t win the big game, losing three straight major bowl games including the all-timer of a gag to Penn State in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. However, over a four-year run from 1985 to 1988, he came within a 35-7 Sugar Bowl loss to Tennessee, that Fiesta Bowl loss to Penn State, and a phantom Cleveland Gary fumble and/or missed two-point conversion against Notre Dame away from winning four straight national championships. Of course, he won a national title in 1987 – with Michael Irvin.

    Michael Irvin U-Cred Coaching Meter:
    6 out of 5

    1. Michael Irvin

    Because he’s the superfan of all superfans, Mr. Miami Hurricane should finally just take the program over himself. He’s the head coach, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp are the defensive coordinators, Clinton Portis becomes offensive coordinator, Phillip Buchanon takes over the secondary, Luther Campbell is hired as recruiting coordinator, Randall Hill becomes the NCAA compliance officer, Rohan Marley is in charge of drug testing, Lamar Thomas is the radio announcer, and Billy Corben will be there to document it all for The U, Part 3 – the next installment detailing how the only way Miami ever lost is because it got screwed.

    Michael Irvin U-Cred Coaching Meter:
    47 out of 5

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