Matt Jones Compares Jim McElwain And Will Muschamp

    Matt Jones discusses the difference between Jim McElwain and Will Muschamp, stating that McElwain is "more respected" than Muschamp.

    March 22, 2016

    Former Gator Matt Jones dishes on Jim McElwain, and what makes him different from Will Muschamp.

    One of the few bright spots on offense during Will Muschamp’s tenure with the Florida Gators was the play of running back Matt Jones. Jones, who put together a solid rookie campaign this past season for the Washington Redskins, was back in Gainesville this week, where, among other things, he discussed how Jim McElwain compares to Muschamp, his former head coach.

    Jones didn’t beat around the bush, speaking highly of how McElwain conducts himself and how that reflects on the program.

    “I thought it was good,” Jones said in regards to UF’s practice he attended on Monday. “I thought McElwain handled things better. He was very cool. I like how he handled practice.”

    In regards to how he views McElwain compared to Muschamp, Jones stated, “I love Muschamp too, but I feel like McElwain was more calm and relaxed, and people respect him more.”

    Jones’ comment on the lack of respect for Muschamp compared to McElwain is interesting, especially considering Muschamp was long considered one of the brightest minds in football. He’s also known as a players’ coach, and it’s rare to hear one of his proteges speak negatively about him.

    While he will always be lauded for cleaning up the mess left behind by Urban Meyer, an aggressive nature and inability to win ultimately doomed Muschamp. After four seasons, a once promising hire unraveled into a hothead coach whose outbursts were little more than a coverup for his shortcomings.

    McElwain’s demeanor, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different. He’s slick with the media and, outburst towards Kelvin Taylor aside, has appeared calm, cool and collected on the sidelines.

    As for what Jones thinks of McElwain’s system, he can’t help but admire what’s being built at Florida.

    “Just seeing the offense I feel like I should have stayed one more year,” Jones joked. “I love what he’s doing.”

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