Mark Richt’s Miami Press Conference Quotes: ‘This Is Home’

    Mark Richt's Miami press conference quotes roundup. Here's what he said about being hired as the Hurricanes' new head coach.

    December 4, 2015

    Mark Richt was introduced as Miami’s new head coach during a Friday morning press conference. After spending 15 very successful years at the University of Georgia, Richt is now the 24th head coach in Hurricanes history.

    Below is a roundup of Richt’s quotes from his introduction to “The U.”

    On coming home to Miami

    “I’m just very excited to be home. This is home.”

    “I understand the proud traditions at the University of Miami academically, athletically — football in particular. Football is what it’s about.”

    On what to expect

    “I don’t want to make a lot of promises other than I want to get to work, and we’ll earn the right for victory.”

    “I’m gonna ask our players to take care of business academically, behave socially, and I want them to do the very best in their life and represent this university in the right way.”

    On coaching again

    “Two things happened, quite frankly, one was just the outpouring of former players that were wishing me well. [Players] that were thanking me for being an influence in their life, a positive influence … text messages, phone calls from guys that I even dismissed from the team just thanking me.”

    “The other thing was “The U,” the University of Miami, the fact that it’s my home. It’s my alma mater, and when you coach, you wanna go to a place where you have a chance.”

    On why he didn’t take a year off

    “I knew this job wouldn’t be open next year. I was like, ‘I’d better do it.’”

    On winning with Miami

    “I think you just gotta start working … working with excellence. You have to have a plan. I’ve been blessed to be around a couple of fine universities that have been successful. I’m better prepared to be a head coach today than I was 15 years ago.”

    “I’m convinced through the board, and through the president, and through the athletic director that Miami is committed … and I’m confident we have all the tools to get it done.”

    “Everyone can say they want to win, but are you willing to put in the work, properly, to get it done.”

    On the last time he was at Miami

    “I have not been here for a long time. The biggest reason is because I became a Seminole, and when you’re a Seminole, you’re not welcome around here.”

    On hiring his coaching staff

    “Hiring a staff is probably the greatest and most important decision that I’ll make because these men will be in charge of our players. The job is too big for one man … I’m only one person. I’m only one personality.”

    “I’m going to be deliberate. I’m going to take my time … I’d rather be right than fast. Sometimes people want fast. I’m gonna hire men that I believe are very confident in what they do.”

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