LSU’s Les Miles Emails Reveal Board Members’ Process, Discussions

    LSU's Les Miles emails have been released, and the nearly 2,000 items reveal the board members' process and discussions.

    December 9, 2015

    WISTV has obtained LSU’s emails regarding head coach Les Miles.

    The end of the regular season was a whirlwind for LSU head coach Les Miles. As the Tigers stumbled to three straight losses in November — Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss — rumors began to swirl regarding Miles’ coaching future with LSU.

    It seemed all but certain that Miles would be fired after the conclusion of the season. But then he led the team to a 19-7 win over Texas A&M and LSU announced he’d remain as the team’s head coach.

    Discussions were certainly being had among the LSU board about Miles’ future. obtained nearly 2,000 emails that were exchanged regarding Miles, some of which were leaked during the process, thus the reasoning for the increased media coverage and speculation.

    Louisiana State University has a leak associated with its athletic department – and high-ranking officials say they know who it is.

    The university released nearly 2,000 emails to us, and they reveal some of the behind-the-scenes details of how LSU handled Les Miles’ job future. They also reveal discussions of that internal leak, and the emails to and from the school’s athletics director and chancellor reveal some dissension among board members.

    LSU and its board members were aware of the leak at the time, which can be seen in the below exchanges.

    Throughout the process, a few stories had been leaked to the media, beginning November 17 when The Advocate reported Miles would be coaching for his job. LSU board member Blake Chatelain, an Alexandria banker, sent Alleva an email in response, writing the article was “pretty much it.”

    LSU AD Joe Alleva wrote to Chatelain, “Leak. I know where. I told you on phone.”

    Chatelain replied, “That leak has caused problems thorough out this ordeal. Put us all in tight spots. Would not do anything about it. Just be careful. Will discuss in person when we can. “

    According to WISTV’s report, LSU had decided to keep Miles five hours before the Tigers’ last regular season game against the Aggies.

    To view the emails, and for a more in-depth look at how the process unfolded, visit

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