LSU Football v The State Of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards

    Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards used LSU football to get his point across about how a new tax plan is needed – and everyone fell for it. - The Daily Cavalcade

    February 12, 2016

    Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards used LSU football to get his point across about how a new tax plan is needed – and everyone fell for it.

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    Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault …

    The State of Louisiana has no money, so it cut off funding for this column before I could fini …

    Bernie Sanders just called … elect him POTUS, and this LSU thing is all paid for.

    The State of Louisiana has no money – it was supposedly waiting on a bunch of oil revenue coming in that isn’t, or so I’ve heard – and now Gov. John Bel Edwards is letting everyone know that it’s going to hurt for a while unless a slew of tax increases are approved.

    Edwards warned everyone that without a different sort of tax plan, there would be some brutally tough cuts to health care, college scholarships, and hits to other vital areas of life.

    Oh well, such is the current world we live in along with the nature of the political climate at the moment.

    But say one shock-value line about possibly having to cut out spring classes that could jeopardize the LSU football season?

    AAHHHHHHH. NO LSU FOOTBALL!?! He’s history’s greatest monster!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!!

    Obviously there’s going to be LSU football. Obviously Edwards just went to the extreme to get everyone to understand the serious nature of the budget situation. Obviously LSU football generates revenue, obviously Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge makes money, and obviously the drain of the useless non-revenue sports is more of a realistic financial issue than the football program or spring classes. But give the man credit – he’s getting what he wanted.

    I’m a college football writer in Chicago spending half my day discussing the need for Louisiana to possibly implement a massive tax increase.

    Look, all you War On Football types who spend your lives in the social media world as a CTE truther, all Edwards did was use a stunt to get your attention. That’s all.

    Leonard Fournette is still going to be running out of the tunnel. LSU is still probably the No. 1 team coming into the season – or at least top five. Louisiana State University isn’t going to shut down.

    This is the world of politics, and this is the world of politics in Louisiana. Don’t get bogged down in it, and if you really and truly got into a tizzy over some politician in Louisiana saying anything threatening about LSU football, take a look in the mirror and you’ll probably see … 


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