Livin’ B1G: SpotGate Fallout

    Jim Harbaugh whined. Urban Meyer trolled. Ohio State's win over Michigan came down to a couple of inches, and we'll check in on the fallout of SpotGate in this edition of Livin' B1G.

    November 28, 2016

    Jim Harbaugh whined. Urban Meyer trolled. Ohio State’s win over Michigan came down to a couple of inches, and we’ll check in on the fallout of SpotGate in this edition of Livin’ B1G.

    Jim Harbaugh has never been known as a gracious loser. He’s never been known as much of a gracious winner, either. In fact, there’s really nothing gracious about him.

    It took Harbaugh roughly 15 minutes to get to his seat for his post-game press conference after Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel scampered 15 yards for the winning touchdown in double overtime, then about eight seconds to begin criticizing the refs. He didn’t call out any of his Michigan players or coaches for blowing a 10-point lead, didn’t lay into himself for starting a quarterback who wasn’t 100 percent healthy and who threw two interceptions, and didn’t commend Ohio State for a game well-played.

    Nah, Harbaugh just whined and complained and pouted like he always does. Because nothing can ever be his fault or the fault of anyone wearing maize and blue. There’s always someone out to get his players or him personally, and he’s quick to make that very, very clear.

    Harbaugh’s biggest beef on Saturday was with the spot of the ball one play prior to Samuel’s touchdown run. The Buckeyes were trailing by three and needed to convert on a 4th-and-1 situation to keep the game alive. J.T. Barrett lunged and picked up the first down, a call that stood after video review confirmed the refs’ spot of the ball at the 15-yard line.

    Harbaugh claimed to have a perfect view of the play and said Barrett was short by “this much,” holding up his hands about a foot apart. And that was just part of his tirade. He made a fool of himself by blaming the officiating for his team’s loss and put a stain on one of the best college football games in recent memory.

    Let’s check in with Jim Harbaugh to see what he thinks about his actions:

    The internet never forgets, Jim.

    But Harbaugh hasn’t been the only one to act like an idiot as SpotGate gets attention from around the college football world even two days later. Let’s go over some of the fallout in this edition of Livin’ B1G.


    … Jabrill Peppers wasn’t exactly happy following Michigan’s loss, either. As he walked off the field, an Ohio State fan appeared to bump Peppers unintentionally. Pepper’s reaction was awful, as he shoved the fan and made the situation far worse.

    … Speaking of foolish behavior, I give you Tom Murphy, who covers the Arkansas Razorbacks for the Arkansas Democrate-Gazette and is a voter for the AP Top 25. He cast his ballot with Michigan at No. 3 and Ohio State at No. 5 because he thought the Wolverines were robbed by the spot on 4th-and-1. Murphy said he “appointed” himself as the replay official and awared Michigan a fake victory.

    Then, of course, he saw the correct angles showing Barrett indeed did get the first down. Murphy backtracked on his ballot – which cannot be changed – and issued an updated statement that included an apology.

    … Who doesn’t like a good troll? Whether or not Urban Meyer meant it as a slight to Harbaugh’s excessive milk-drinking, his announcement during his postgame press conference was a hilarious moment, and one I’m taking as a troll job.

    Meyer’s wife Shelley called him while he was at the podium and, well, see for yourself:

    … Harbaugh’s child-like rant gave Michigan fans justification to attack the officiating as well. Some even came up with their own conspiracy theories. How dare anyone believe Michigan lost that game because Ohio State actually proved to be the better team?!

    Let’s see what former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady thinks about The Game. Because for some reason, people care:


    … Finally, Ohio State blog Land-Grant Holy Land had some fun with all of the Wolverines’ whining and made some pretty hilarious T-shirts that we’re sure to see at The Game next year.

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