Les Miles Looking Forward To First Trip To Lambeau Field As LSU Battles Wisconsin

    LSU head coach Les Miles is looking forward to his first ever trip to historic Lambeau Field as the Tigers take on Wisconsin on Saturday. LSU head coach

    LSU head coach Les Miles is looking forward to his first ever trip to historic Lambeau Field as the Tigers take on Wisconsin on Saturday.

    LSU head coach Les Miles is preparing his Tigers for a trip to historic Lambeau Field on Saturday to battle the Wisconsin Badgers, and the 62-year-old Miles is looking forward to his first trip to the Green Bay landmark.

    “I have not been there, only heard of, and I am hearing from professionals what a wonderful place it is to play and what a great venue and how much it will be enjoyed,” Miles said. “We would expect that 30,000 of the LSU faithful will be there. We’ve sold 22,000 tickets and certainly it’s going to be 8,000 LSU faithful that found tickets in another way.”

    Here are some other newsworthy notes from Miles’ press conference.

    On Wisconsin quarterback Bart Houston

    “He’s a big, strong, very talented thrower, and he can run the football. So he extends plays and runs with the ball, and we would expect that the things that they have done there in the past, what has been their best stuff will continue to be, and we’ll just anticipate that he would be the signal caller.”

    On new defensive coordinator Dave Aranda helping scout Wisconsin, his former team

    “More of a personnel, what kind of personnel and what kind of — and really more the strengths than anything. He knows that he left a very talented defense, he knows that on offense they have two very talented tailbacks that can run the football and a big offensive line. 

    “He basically gave the thumbnail sketch of a guy that just came from there that really didn’t feel like, you know, was all that professional to give too much. So he kind of gave me the overview and that’s all I asked for.”

    On position of LSU and Wisconsin in preseason polls

    “I think polls can be misleading. I think the key piece to my team is seeing how the last time we played this team how it played out. How competitive the game was. They’ve watched this film, they’ve seen a quality Wisconsin team beat USC so we’re — we recognize that we’re playing a quality team and it makes no difference that they’re — what their rank is.”

    On running back Leonard Fournette’s growth as a player

    “Experience is always a tremendous advantage for anybody that plays football and he’s made that cut now instead of 20 times he’s made that cut 200 times. He understands the offense better, and he’s in position to really take advantage of the experience that he’s had.”

    On linebacker Kendell Beckwith returning for senior season

    “He’s a leader on our team. He’s just a fine young man, and a guy that can step in the middle of the defense and make it very difficult for people to run the football. He’s physical play and speed to the ball, and it meant a lot to the defense for him to stay put for another year.”

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