Les Miles Buyout: How Much Would LSU Owe Him?

    Les Miles' buyout if he's fired by the LSU Tigers is worth a pretty penny. Here's how much the university would owe him.

    November 23, 2015

    Les Miles’ buyout is going to require LSU (or its boosters) to dig deep into its pockets.

    LSU and Les Miles might be on their way toward an abrupt divorce after 11 years of top-notch football, two appearances in the national championship game and one title.

    If the Tigers were to give Miles the boot as head coach, it would definitely have a huge impact on their recruiting class, which currently ranks No. 1 in the country.

    So, you could say that firing Miles would come with a cost.

    But aside from paying the price on the recruiting trail, the university is also facing a heftier, very tangible number.

    LSU is staring down the barrel of a $15 million buyout if it’s committed to moving on from Miles. But that doesn’t seem to concern the boosters, according to James Smith of Nola.com.

    The $15 million dollar buyout clause in Miles’ contract will not be a hindrance for TAF, the athletic program’s powerful booster club that funds a lot of the athletic programs for LSU, according to the source. “The money is there”, the source said.

    According to TigerRag.com, that number can also change depending on future employment for Miles and varies greatly depending on timing.

    Miles’ buyout, if fired, would be offset by any compensation he received from his next job, but if he simply decided to hang up his hat and call it a career, he’d rake in big bucks from LSU for many months to come.

    If LSU fires Miles before Dec. 31, 2015, it will owe him a $15 million buyout. That number drops to a measly $12.9 million if Miles is fired before the end of 2017, a meager $8.6 million if fired before 2018’s conclusion, and a scant $4.3 million if fired before the end of Miles’ contract, Dec. 31, 2019.

    If Miles is fired, he’d be the biggest fish in the sea with several big-time programs — Miami, South Carolina, USC, etc. — looking for new coaches.

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