Leonard Fournette Comments On Katrina Banner At Alabama

    Leonard Fournette commented on the Katrina banner that was hung by Alabama students this past weekend in Tuscaloosa.

    November 9, 2015

    Leonard Fournette and the LSU Tigers were met in Tuscaloosa, Ala. this past weekend with a disturbing banner hung by Alabama students. The photo of the banner, which read “Finish What Katrina Started,” quickly went viral and prompted the university to issue a statement.

    Alabama sent out the following in consecutive tweets.

    UA is appalled that anyone would display a banner with such an inappropriate and offensive statement.

    It’s our understanding that the banner was hung at an off-campus apartment complex and it has been removed.

    David Grady, Alabama’s vice president of student affairs, also provided a statement on Twitter.

    Banners have appeared around Tuscaloosa that contain offensive messages that are not representative of our University, students or football team.

    We realize that today’s game is big. But we have been here before. Let’s welcome visitors to our city and the Univ. this weekend with the same level of respect and good sportsmanship we expect of others.

    We look forward to working with our students to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

    Fournette was asked by the media about the Katrina banner, as well as some other unsettling messages seen around town, on Monday, to which he simply replied, “Can’t control other peoples’ actions.”

    Unfortunately, Fournette is right — although that banner should have never seen the light of day. 

    What he can help control is how LSU responds to a 30-16 loss handed down by the Crimson Tide. Alabama held the Tigers’ star running back to just 31 yards rushing on 19 carries.

    The Tigers will need to have short memories this week with rival Arkansas, which has won three games in a row now, coming to town.

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