Lane Kiffin’s FAU Promo Video Is So Bad It’s Good

    Lane Kiffin's FAU promo video fell a little bit short on the excitement, but here we are talking about it.

    January 31, 2017

    Lane Kiffin and FAU produced a National Signing Day promo video that is so extremely bad that it’s good. In fact, the Owls may have just hit the mark with some Jedi mind tricks.

    Pure, unadulterated excitement.

    Soooo maybe Kiffin needs to work on the whole excitement thing. But it’s hard to blame him considering whoever is producing this video situated him directly facing the ball of fire that’s trying to eat our planet. He is now partially blind (maybe), so his hating every moment of this video taping is more than understandable.

    Even though his corneas were being burnt off by the South Florida sun, Kiffin still managed to get through it, and that takes real determination and grit.

    What recruit doesn’t want to play for a coach who will do anything to promote his program?

    OR, maybe this was planned. Maybe FAU knew that a normal video wouldn’t attract much attention. That they needed to do something so bad it was good. Call it the Trump Effect.

    Whether planned or not, the video worked because here we are talking about it. Bravo, FAU, very well played indeed.

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