Kyler Murray To Transfer To Oklahoma: Will This Work?

    Kyler Murray, a big-time talent with a big-time attitude playing for Bob Stoops? This should be interesting.

    December 24, 2015

    In Kyler Murray, Oklahoma has its star quarterback of the future.

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    Bob Stoops and a big-time quarterback with an attitude? What could possibly go wrong? 

    The reasoning behind Kyle Allen and then Kyler Murray leaving Texas A&M is still a bit murky. The whole “not sure of the direction of the offense” thing is way too light – superstar recruits don’t transfer and sit out a year just because there’s a miscommunication.

    Speculation has ranged from head coach Kevin Sumlin being as good as gone to the NFL – again, just speculation – to not handling his prized quarterbacks correctly, but for whatever reason, Murray is going to be an Oklahoma Sooner with the upside to become a superstar who fits exactly what the system is doing now.

    After getting lit up by Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel in the 2013 Cotton Bowl, the Sooners realized what the future of college football was becoming and set out to find its own Johnny Football. That’s partly why Trevor Knight was given the starting nod instead of Blake Bell to start the 2013 season – the program wanted more of a mobile playmaker.

    Knight was just okay, Texas Tech transfer Baker Mayfield turned out to be better, and now Knight is looking to move on and transfer. Murray was supposed to be like Manziel for Texas A&M, but with more talent and skills. Now, Murray is supposed to be like Mayfield for Oklahoma in two years, only with a LOT more talent and skills.

    But here’s the thing – Murray is a big-time talent with the reported attitude to match. That’s not a bad thing for a starting quarterback, but Sumlin isn’t a soft coach in any way. At Oklahoma under Stoops, any diva streak will be tolerated for approximately three seconds.

    The baseball side is still a part of the equation, too.

    The Sooner baseball team is fantastic, and Murray will likely keep that option open. A better pro prospect in baseball than football, that’s where the money could eventually be made, but for now, Oklahoma football has its quarterback situation relatively set. Mayfield is the man again next year with Murray waiting in the wings and learning the system for a year.

    If this works out, and Murray takes on the right mindset, the 2017 Heisman front-runner is waiting in the wings in Norman.


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