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    Jimbo Fisher To Tampa Bay Bucs? No, But …

    It’s not just that Jimbo Fisher’s name is in the mix for the Tampa Bay Bucs head coaching job. It’s what happens when those rumors are thrown out there.

    January 7, 2016

    It’s not just that Jimbo Fisher’s name is in the mix for the Tampa Bay Bucs head coaching job. It’s what happens when those rumors are thrown out there.

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    No, Jimbo Fisher isn’t going to be the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dirk Koetter probably is. That’s not the point.

    Brian Kelly will probably be the head coach at Notre Dame in 2016. Kevin Sumlin will almost certainly be in College Station again, Jim Mora Jr. will still be at UCLA, and Nick Saban will be at Alabama – maybe.

    And it’s that maybe that’s the big deal over the next few weeks.

    We’re now knee-deep in the silliest, stupidest, creepiest time on the sports calendar. It’s the home stretch of the college football recruiting season leading up to National Signing Day on Wednesday, February 3rd. Now is when the adults are out there slinging it around doing anything and everything to get a bunch of very, very talented children to come to XYZ State and ABC Tech to help keep head coaches in their high-paying, high-pressure jobs.

    Now is when it matters when any rumor goes out there about a coach like Fisher possibly being in the mix for the Tampa Bay job, because now everyone can use that on the recruiting trail.

    Coaches and recruiting coordinators always say they pitch the merits of their respective schools and don’t negative recruit. Yeah, and Donald Trump cranked up the Ted Cruz birther talk because he’s concerned Democrats might take advantage of it.

    If five elite schools are all going after a five-star linebacker, and it might seem like the Florida State head coach is looking around – or might not be there in five years when that recruit might be finishing up his college career – of course that’s a factor. Forgetting the unseemly side of the whole recruiting world, sometimes all it takes is the slightest bit of uncertainty to tip the scales the other way.

    Right now, as you’re reading this, some recruiter is bringing up to a prospect that Nick Saban is going to be 65 on Halloween. Someone’s mentioning the exodus at quarterback at Texas A&M. Someone’s bringing up that Kelly is rumored to be on the New York Giant short list, among others.

    But it can work the other way, too.

    You’d better believe that Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, is going throw around as many rumors as possible about his client being interested in the NFL – all that does is add another pile of cash onto the pile from Alabama.

    So if you’re Fisher, you like that you’re big enough and good enough to be thrown around by the media for the LSU job, the USC gig, and other massive job openings. And then you have to bring it back quickly and make sure Johnny Four-Star still wants to come to Tallahassee.

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