Jimbo Fisher On Leaving FSU For NFL Job: ‘Never Say Never’

    Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher sat down with the "Seth Davis Show" to discuss the potential for him to leave the Seminoles for a head coaching job in the NFL. Fisher has been at the helm since Bobby Bowden retired in in 2010.

    September 19, 2016

    FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke with the Seth Davis Show about the potential for him to move on to the NFL.

    It’s never an easy task to replace a legend, but that was exactly what Jimbo Fisher was up against when he took over for Bobby Bowden. Bowden retired following FSU’s 33-21 win over West Virginia in the Gator Bowl in 2010, and Fisher took the reins a week later.

    Since then, he’s led the Seminoles to a 70-15 overall record, including a 4-2 bowl record. Fisher has coached a Hesiman Trophy winner. He’s had 38 players get drafted, and he has a national championship on his resume.

    His name is constantly tossed around for potential NFL jobs, especially after winning that national title in 2013.

    So far, Fisher’s resisted the lure of the NFL, but how long can that realistically last? Even the great Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier both took their shots at the pros.

    Sooner or later, there’s likely going to be an offer on the table for Fisher that’s simply too great to pass up.

    The FSU head coach joined the Seth Davis Show to discuss the possibility of leaving Tallahassee for the NFL, and he left the door open. 

    “I love college football. I love the interactions here,” Fisher said. “I love all the things you have to do in that regard. But you never say never in this business, and you always listen.”

    He acknowledged the pressure of trying to win his second title with the ‘Noles, but Fisher made it clear that despite listening to NFL offers he loves where he’s at and wants to stay.

    “We’re in that world of instant gratification. I mean, even though we won a championship [people ask], ‘When you gonna win the next one?’ But I think people can be pushed, and I think there are a lot more things to gauge in today’s world. Saying all that, I want to stay at Florida State [as long as possible].”

    And when Davis followed up by asking if Fisher would consider coaching at FSU for 33 years — like his predecessor, Bowden — Fisher responded in a sly fashion.

    “If there’s a 33-year contract, I’ll sign,” Fisher said jokingly.

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