Jimbo Fisher Compares Recruiting To Marketing: ‘It’s About Promotion’

    FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher sat down with the "Seth Davis Show" to discuss Florida State football recruiting and what Fisher thinks of the way Jim Harbaugh recruited with his satellite camp tour during the summer.

    September 20, 2016

    FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke with the “Seth Davis Show” about recruiting and satellite camps, comparing the practice to marketing.

    This past summer was essentially a circus on the recruiting trail, and the main attraction was Jim Harbaugh.

    The Michigan head coach went from city to city, from high school to high school, to connect with recruits in what turned out to be a satellite camp tour with more than 30 stops along the way.

    It was a polarizing practice that consistently created headlines and sparked endless debates.

    Many college coaches fielded questions about Harbaugh’s tactics, and some even joined the party.

    When Jimbo Fisher sat down with the Seth Davis Show to talk about the way Harbaugh attacked recruiting this past summer, the Florida State head coach framed it for what it really was: brand awareness.

    “At the end of the day, what is he [Jim Harbaugh] doing? Marketing 101,” Fisher said.

    Before Harbaugh took over the reins at his alma mater, the Wolverines had stalled on both the field and the recruiting trail.

    Fisher believes Harbaugh sought out to get everyone talking about the Wolverines, and he succeeded.

    “Michigan was not relevant for a while. Now he’s got them out in the media, has promoted that [brand], and has gotten the name of Michigan back out there,” Fisher said.

    But what Michigan does will have little effect on what the Seminoles do. Fisher is one of the best coaches in the game and has a national championship to back it up. He’s not going to change what he does because Harbaugh is sporting a different jersey to each camp he goes to or climbs trees.

    “What he does is not gonna affect me. I’m gonna’ do what we think is best for Florida State, and that’s what he’s doing for Michigan,” Fisher said before applying the theme to the recruiting world in general. “That’s what this world is about. It’s about promotion. It’s about marketing — everything we do.”

    Note: Scout rankings and ratings used in this article.

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