Jim Harbaugh Hangs With Willie Mays, Has ‘Died And Gone To Heaven’

    Jim Harbaugh snapped a photo with Willie Mays while the two were hanging out, and it's enough to make any baseball fan jealous.

    February 8, 2016

    From National Signing Day spectacles with The Players’ Tribune, to Super Bowl 50, to hanging with Hall of Fame baseball players, Jim Harbaugh is touching every spectrum of the sporting world. 

    Next stop? Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. Okay, kidding, but seriously, is any college football coach not named Nick Saban enjoying life more than Harbaugh right now? Potentially Mike Leach, but there’s no report on whether the Pirate has made it to Key West yet for the offseason.

    On Monday, presumably still in San Francisco, Calif. following the Super Bowl shenanigans, Harbaugh tweeted out a picture of him and “The Say Hey Kid.” Harbaugh looks as excited as a little leaguer getting ready for his first game of the season.

    Life’s good for the Michigan man.

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