Jim Harbaugh Plans Sleepover At Top Recruit’s House

    Jim Harbaugh's sleepover at a top recruit's house is uniquely awesome. Here's the latest on the Michigan football recruiting front.

    January 13, 2016

    Jim Harbaugh is planning a sleepover at a top recruit’s house, because Jim Harbaugh knows no bounds.

    Jim Harbaugh’s daily regimen likely consists of four main things: eating, sleeping, coaching football and recruiting. And now he’s combining two of those for a unique approach.

    At 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, as soon as the recruiting dead period ends, the Michigan Wolverines head football coach will arrive at the home of Quinn Nordin, a 3-star kicker and Penn State commit.

    And when he gets there, he’ll spend the night, according to
    Allen Trieu of Scout.

    “Under the exact rules, he’s going to be at my house at 12:01 he said. That’s when it’s legal for him to be at my house,” Nordin told Trieu. “He said we can watch a movie, see how well we gel and he said he would sleep over after that.”

    Who doesn’t like a good, old-fashioned movie night and sleepover? Especially when it involves one of the best coaches in all of football.

    Harbaugh even told Nordin, who is rated as the No. 1 high school kicker in the class of 2016, he would help redecorate his room if needed.

    “He told me if I had a 6-foot-3 inch piece of carpet for him to sleep on, that would be enough. I said we have guest rooms, and he said ‘Tell you what, I’ll just sleep on the floor in your room.’ I said ‘Coach, I have Penn State stuff all over my walls.’ He said, ‘Tell you what, I can help you take it down.’”

    Harbaugh never seems to disappoint when it comes to recruiting tactics. Whether or not they will stay up late to roast marshmallows and watch Game of Thrones remains to be seen, but you can bet money the Michigan coach will have some Wolverines highlights to throw up on the big screen.

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