Jim Harbaugh Tweets Respectful Request Of Fans

    Jim Harbaugh asked fans on Twitter Wednesday to be respectful when commenting on coaches, players, or prospects.

    November 4, 2015

    If you haven’t taken the plunge into the social media world yet, it can be a cruel place, especially when it comes to sports.

    Fans, as well as media members, have a quick trigger, will jump to conclusions before knowing all of the information, and often times step over the line when something is not to their liking. 

    Because of that, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh hit Twitter on Wednesday to ask folks to take the high road.

    Twitter, in particular, has given fans the ability to connect with coaches and athletes like never before. And while it has its positives, like being able to interact with one’s role model, there are plenty of negatives that also come with the access.

    Harbaugh’s message is one all fans should live by, even when that No. 1 recruit spurns one program for its arch-rival.

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