Jeff Driskel Confident At NFL Combine, Believes He Could’ve Had Success At Florida

    A confident Jeff Driskel told NFL Combine reporters that he believes he could've had success at Florida, even matching his 4,000 yards passing he threw at Louisiana Tech.

    February 26, 2016

    Jeff Driskel spoke with confidence at the NFL Combine, telling reporters that he believes his Louisiana Tech success would have translated to Florida this past season.

    The sound of Jeff Driskel’s name is enough to give any Florida fan nightmares. Driskel, the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in 2011, had an unceremonious career in orange and blue under the direction of Will Muschamp and multiple offensive coordinators.

    He was hailed as the “next Tim Tebow” coming out of high school, but circumstances, the coaching staff combined with injuries, never allowed him to even scrape his potential.

    But, as we saw while he was playing for Louisiana Tech, Driskel can succeed given the proper system and development.

    That’s why, when asked at the NFL Combine how this past year for the Bulldogs would translate over to the Gators, he answered confidently.

    “I believe that I could have,” Driskel said in regards to throwing for 4,000 yards. “I don’t think it was a matter of competition … it was a matter of me playing well and throwing it to the right guy with certain looks.”

    Driskel completed 62.4 percent of his passes in 2015 for 4,033 total yards, 27 touchdowns and just eight interceptions.

    He was a different player out there for the Bulldogs.

    “I grew as a quarterback,” he said. “That’s what happens when you get more playing time.”

    Driskel’s decision to transfer could prove to be one of the best and most important decisions of his career. Sometimes a fresh start is just what a player needs, and in this case, that fresh start may pay off in a legitimate shot at an NFL career.

    Driskel’s path to the draft goes to show just how crucial it is for a high school athlete to choose the proper college situation and receive the appropriate development. Without it, he could be labeled as the next “recruiting bust.”

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