Jake Butt Loves Michigan’s Florida Practices And ‘Red Red Wine’

    Jake Butt loves Michigan's Florida practices and apparently jamming to UB40's "Red Red Wine," because what college kid doesn't love that.

    March 2, 2016

    Count Jake Butt among those who think Jim Harbaugh’s Florida practice plan is a great idea.

    Butt, who decided to return for his senior season with the Wolverines despite being a top tight end prospect for the NFL Draft, discussed how it’s been since the team has arrived.

    “I think more teams should do it, this is great,” Butt said. “It’s like a free vacation with all your best friends. All my best friends are on this team. We were just hanging out on the beach yesterday, eating wings, eating tacos, I was listening to “Red Red Wine,” waves coming in. I think more teams should do it honestly. You get to knock out four practices when you don’t have to worry about classes and studying and all that good stuff. It’s a great idea, I think it’s brilliant by Coach Harbaugh.”

    Wait, what? Did a 20-something-year-old college football star just say he spent the afternoon with teammates housing wings and tacos and jamming to UB40? I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

    Never has anything been more nonchalant than the way Butt slid “Red Red Wine” into that interview. 

    PHOTO: Michigan’s Florida Practices Attracts College Basketball Celebrity


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