J.T. Barrett To Detractors: ‘I’m The Best Person For The Job’

    J.T. Barrett discussed the Ohio State quarterback position, stating that he's, "the best person for the job," despite a growing number of detractors.

    March 10, 2017

    J.T. Barrett discussed the Ohio State quarterback position, stating that he’s “the best person for the job,” despite a growing number of detractors.

    Coming off the first shutout of Urban Meyer’s professional career, Ohio State has been fixated on offense this offseason. The program sent a sheet to the media touting Meyer’s prolific offenses over his career, a not-so-subtle reminder that, hey, the Fiesta Bowl was an aberration. Meyer has discussed the need for an offensive enhancement now that Kevin Wilson is running the show on that side of the ball. And then, on Thursday, J.T. Barrett addressed his critics.

    “When I think about it, I always want to put my best foot forward as far as Ohio State,” Barrett said Thursday. “So if they [upset fans] think that I’m a bad player, I don’t know what you want me to say? I’m not trying to be. I’m trying to be the best I can be at Ohio State in order for us, the Ohio State Buckeyes, to win national championships, ball games. That’s the purpose.”

    Barrett has reached the stage of his career where he feels like a Buckeye lifer. His stellar relief act for Braxton Miller was many moons ago. It beget the quarterback competition with Cardale Jones, smudging the shine from a championship afterglow. And then, last year’s unevenness ended with humiliating defeat in the Arizona desert. He has lived many lives while wearing the Scarlet and Grey.

    And though he holds the career record for touchdown passes in Ohio State history, Barrett still has his detractors. But with age comes experience – both on the field and in dealing with the media – and he knows that heavy is the head that throws the football.

    “If there’s somebody out there that was better than me at Ohio State, they would be playing. Right now, I have been a starter for three years, like I am doing the best I can. Is it going to be perfect time all the time? No. Being the quarterback, you get a lot of the blame, which I’m OK with. I’m going to accept it. Bad things are going to happen, but I feel like I’m the best person for the job that we have at Ohio State.”

    Urban Meyer is surely bearing down on his offensive unit. And taking the over will be a safe bet this upcoming season, as a prideful coach looks to salve humiliation with a flood of points. The coach can take solace that there’s veteran leadership under center, and while some might view him as a sleeper cell, the Texas product will do his best to win now and set up the program for after his departure.

    “My whole heart is into it. This is all that I do. I am here to play football, I come from Texas. This is why I came. It’s all in good nature. It’s not like I am trying to mess up the Ohio State backup. I read sometimes, it was like I was the enemy, I was the bad guy. Guys, I’m not trying to do that to the Buckeyes. I love the Buckeyes.”

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