If Butch Jones’ ‘Traitor’ Remark Is True, Tennessee Has To Fire Him

    If Butch Jones really did say the things alleged in a recent affidavit, Tennessee needs to fire him. Now.

    February 25, 2016

    If Butch Jones really did say the things alleged in a recent affidavit, Tennessee needs to fire him. Now.

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    Let’s say at your workplace a coworker alleges that she was raped. You take her to the hospital and tell her to go report what happened to the police, she does, and you get beaten up for making the suggestion. When you tell the head of the company about what happened, he says you are a traitor and you betrayed the company by assisting the alleged victim.

    What would happen to the boss? The figurehead of the company? The leader and the one who’s in charge of being the face of the franchise?

    Your HR department would have a field day with that.

    That’s exactly what’s being alleged in a bombshell of an article by the Knoxville News reporting that Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones told Drae Bowles – who claims he assisted an alleged rape victim and was punched for it – that he “betrayed the team” and was a “traitor” by providing help.

    Jones reportedly apologized to Bowles, but if this is all true – and there are still several moving parts to the story, so put a giant emphasis on the if part – how can Jones possibly be the Tennessee head coach going forward? How can this man be the most visible figure and identifiable leader of the school, especially at a time when the university is under attack by a federal lawsuit alleging Title IX violations?

    He can’t be. Tennessee, if Jones really did say this, he has to be fired.


    No, this isn’t about finding a sacrificial lamb in the face of a lawsuit alleging a sexual assault by a few members of the Tennessee football team. This is about the leader of the football program whose culture – according to the affidavit in the lawsuit – allegedly allowed Bowles to be the bad guy and to be bullied for being the one who did the right thing.

    Yeah, it has to be said when it comes to dealing with some segment of fans from every major school, but a university is bigger and more important than its football team. It’s Tennessee, and of course it can find a top-shelf head coach without any sort of a problem – that’s not the point.

    There are much bigger fish to fry with everything surrounding the lawsuit against the university concerning the alleged environment of entitled athletes, but this one is a no-brainer if it’s all true.

    It can still be football time in Tennessee. This can be fixed. But if Jones really did say those things and he’s still the head coach this fall, there really is a problem.

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