House Of Cards Characters As SEC Football Programs

    The politics of Washington, DC are not much different from those in the SEC. But what character from the Netflix series House of Cards best represents each program? Let's take a look.

    February 26, 2016

    The politics of Washington, DC are not much different from those in the SEC. Let’s take a look at what character from the Netflix series House of Cards best represents which program?

    The hit series House of Cards returned on Friday for its fourth season on Netflix and, like everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of the Underwood power duo and the rest of the cast of characters.

    The Southeastern Conference is a lot like Washington, DC: a lot of politics, rumors of corruption, and a large group of men who think they run the place. With that in mind, what football program best matches the characters in the excellent Netflix show? Let’s take a look! (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    Frank Underwood – Alabama

    The head men in charge at the moment, both Saban and Underwood have had some good times lately. And yet they know that it can all come crumbling down in a moment’s notice. Dominant at times, and prickly when things don’t go their way, these two are mirror images. It goes even deeper with their rocky relationships with …

    Claire Underwood – Auburn

    At first in the shadow, they have started to exert their strength. Powerful in their own right, they seem to come across as the sane one in the relationship. Mess with them, though, and they can make everything disappear in one second. After shooting up the ranks of power in 2013, both have found themselves with a lot of question marks heading into 2016.

    Doug Stamper – LSU

    Like Les Miles, Doug Stamper can’t help but make strange decisions. Sometimes they work, other times they turn disastrous. Who knows what the job security is for both men. They can, at times, be cold-blooded, and the temptation of alcohol is all around them.

    Peter Russo – Ole Miss

    Just when it seems that they are ready to get to the top, they get in their own way. The Rebels and Russo are always dressed extremely nice, though.

    Zoe Barnes – Vanderbilt

    Smart and hard working, but will eventually get run over by a train/running back, putting an end to their dreams. Both peaked in 2013.

    Raymond Tusk – Texas A&M

    Rich, powerful and heavily into the Republican Party. Both tend to disappear when the moment becomes too big.

    Rachel Posner – Tennessee

    Both Posner and the Volunteers have suffered abuse at the hands of someone close: Posner with her dad, Tennessee with Florida and Alabama. Believed to be dead.

    Edward Meechum – SEC Office

    Not afraid to spread their wings when it comes to different kinds of partners.

    President Garrett Walker – Florida

    Used to be the top man, but it was taken over by Underwood/Alabama. Things went wrong when Washington, D.C. came calling. Ask Steve Spurrier.

    Remy Danton – Missouri

    Successful, but never paid attention to until absolutely necessary. They will switch companies/conferences all in the name of better pay and influence.

    Jackie Sharp – Arkansas

    Largely ignored, but can bite you in your butt when you aren’t expecting it.

    Freddy Hayes – Mississippi State

    Surroundings aren’t much to look at, but like Freddy’s BBQ, Mississippi State has a niche with its cowbells. Freddy told his grandson, “It’s okay to dream as long as they aren’t fantasies.” For the Bulldogs, winning the SEC West is a dream, and the national title a fantasy.

    Donald Blythe – Georgia

    Sick of being second fiddle but, gosh dog it, can’t do anything about it.

    Heather Dunbar – Kentucky

    Both Dunbar and Wildcats coach Mark Stoops comes from a rich pedigree. They made a lot of noise when they arrived on the scene, but rivals know they won’t amount to much. Heading into the fourth season, no one knows just how far they will make it.

    Gavin Orsay – South Carolina

    It’s fun to think, when not having emotional breakdowns on the field, head coach Will Muschamp locks himself in a room with a lot of screens and watches film of his first year at Florida while petting his guinea pig.


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