Grading Miami’s New ‘Legend of the U’ Uniforms

    Grading Miami's new "Legend of the U" uniforms the Hurricanes will wear for the first time against Florida State.

    October 20, 2016

    Grading Miami’s new “Legend of the U” uniforms the Hurricanes will wear for the first time against Florida State.

    The University of Miami unveiled new ‘Legend of the U’ adidas (pronounced ah-d-dah in fashion circles) Primeknit uniforms for the school’s football team on Monday, and they are straight fire.

    With a new head coach in Mark Richt now at the helm of the football program, Miami wanted to give the football team a new, but familiar look for when players take the field each weekend. And what better way of accomplishing that than by turning the clock back to the 1980s and 1990s when the school’s football team won four of its five national championships.

    The new home and away uniforms were modeled after those worn by the dynastic Hurricanes of the ‘80s and ‘90s, while at the same time adding a modern touch. Along with bringing back the classic Miami look, these uniforms were made to help the players while on the field by using adidas’ TECHFIT technology. The Primeknit uniforms will keep players cooler, while at the same time increasing their range of motion. In addition, the jerseys’ ‘bodymap fit’ will make it tougher on opponents to grab ahold of while trying to make a tackle.

    Their white helmets with the triple-stripe of green and orange splitting them down the middle isn’t anything out of the ordinary in football, but it is nothing short of a clean appearance. Add in these new radiant orange and fresh white jerseys with another triple-stripe pattern on the shoulders, and Miami has vaulted themselves a significant way up the college football uniform rankings.

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    Now all they need is for Mark Richt to return the football program to its dominant level of years past.


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